Mendocino County, Calif. May 6, 2020 – In a collective first for both the wine and digital music industries, Frontera—the #1 South American popular import brand in the U.S.[1]—has introduced a groundbreaking collaboration with music streaming service Spotify® to curate playlists tailored to specific wines in the Frontera portfolio. Spotify’s nearly 100 million users in the U.S. can now scan the code on any Frontera bottle from within the Spotify app to launch a customized playlist that suits the style of wine in their glass.

Building on findings by Oxford University researchers that suggest listening to music can enhance the sensory experience of tasting wine[2], Chile’s Frontera imprinted a QR code, uniquely designed to evoke the symbol of a sound wave, on all of its 750ml and 1.5L bottles.

Amid a cultural shift, wherein U.S. consumers are increasingly placing a higher value on experiences over material things[3], Americans have embraced the experience of streaming music—to the tune of one-trillion-plus streams in 2019[4]. Likewise, as consumers focus more on at-home experiences like pouring a glass of wine with dinner, wine has seen double-digit growth in recent weeks[5].

“Wine, like music, is an experience—something we take in at a sensory level,” said Rodrigo Maturana, Vice President of Marketing in the U.S. for Frontera. “We’re excited to introduce wine and music fans alike to the elevated experience of savoring a glass of Frontera wine while listening to a perfectly matched set of songs curated by Spotify.”

Frontera’s Wine & Music campaign pairs specific music genres with each of four different wine styles in the brand’s diverse portfolio: Big and Bold Reds, Smooth and Sexy Reds, Cool Whites, and Fresh Whites. Frontera’s wine style-driven playlists each offers listeners 40 songs to augment the sensory experience of sipping a favorite Frontera wine. Whether curling up on the couch with a glass of wine or opening a bottle with friends at a (virtual) get-together, the music selection is covered.




About Frontera

Frontera offers expressive, New World wines from celebrated regions in Chile, through a collection of 14 varietals and blends, including fan favorites Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere and Sauvignon Blanc. The 8th most powerful wine brand in the world (Global Wine Power Index 2020) and the #1 South American popular import brand in the U.S., Frontera makes delicious, accessible wines that are easy to enjoy with family and friends. Beginning in 2020, Frontera is the first wine brand to collaborate with Spotify to create innovative music and wine pairings.

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