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Rochester, NY, October 8, 2020 – Geloso Beverage Group is pleased to announce the launch of its three popular ready-to-drink brands in the Midwest. They include Clubtails Cocktail in a Can, Johny Bootlegger cocktails in a reusable flask, and Mad Bean Hard Iced Coffee in a Can.

“We are excited to continue the expansion of our portfolio in the Midwestern,” says Mary Chapman, Geloso’s Marketing Manager. “We have seen opportunity in this market and have always had our eye on adding these number of states to our network. We look forward to introducing our products to a brand new audience who can enjoy them both at home and on the go.”

Clubtails, Johny Bootlegger, and Mad Bean are riding the wave of popularity for the ready-to-drink category, offering a range of ABVs (4.5% to 12%) and affordable price points:

Clubtails Cocktail in a Can was launched in 2009 with two original malt beverage flavors, each offering 10% alcohol by volume. Clubtails has since expanded, featuring 13 cocktail favorites that appeal to consumers who enjoy the traditional cocktail with higher alcohol content, while offering a spirit-like finish in the convenience of a can. Flavors include Bahama Mama, Sex on the Beach, Long Island Iced Tea, Screwdriver, Sunny Margarita, and Watermelon Margarita. In June 2020, Clubtails introduced Strawberry Daiquiri and Blueberry Mojito. Clubtails are available in a 16 oz. can for around $1.99.

Johny Bootlegger, a triple filtered clear malt beverage in a reusable flask is perfect for on the go and social distance sipping. Available in eight flavors, Johny Bootlegger is 12% ABV, averaging $1.99 for a 200 ml bottle. Influenced by the speakeasies during Prohibition, Johny Bootlegger is inspired by the classic gangsters of the 1920s: Alcatraz Sour Apple, Scarface Sour Raspberry, Ice Lemonade Hard Squeezed, Juice Joint Watermelon, Sing Sing Sour Grape, Shady Shades Strawberry, Syndicate City Sour Peach, and Prison Break Blackcherry. Served cold, from the bottle, Johny Bootlegger is the perfect go-to drink for any occasion!

Mad Bean Hard Iced Coffee is a 4.5% ABV iced coffee-flavored malt beverage that is naturally caffeinated. Available in two flavors, the rich and distinctively chocolate Mocha, and the creamy Vanilla, Mad Bean also comes in two sizes: 12 oz. four pack (around $8.00) and 24 oz. cans (around $2.50). Made from 100% Arabica gourmet beans, Mad Bean separates itself from similar hard coffees with a rich, yet subtle silky flavor.

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About Geloso Beverage Group LLC
Geloso Beverage Group LLC, launched in 2002, exclusively serves the U.S. market and is based in Rochester, NY. It sells and distributes multiple flavored malt beverages including Clubtails Cocktail in a Can, Johny Bootlegger, Mad Bean Hard Iced Coffee, and Pepito.

Geloso has received numerous industry awards, including the Impact Hot Brand Award for both the Clubtails and Johny Bootlegger brands in 2019 and 2018, and the Impact Hot Brand Award for Clubtails, by M. Shanken Communications, in 2017. The publications showcase elite performing brands within respective categories for substantial sales and growth.

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