August 6, 2019 (Kansas City MO) – The Monarch Cocktail Bar & Lounge has launched the second year of their conservation effort to raise awareness of the endangered monarch butterfly with a creative cocktail program. The Monarch Cocktail Bar teamed up with Kansas City’s Powell Gardens late last month to host an educational cocktail hour that culminated with a live butterfly release. A portion of proceeds supported Powell Gardens, and marked the first event of the 2019 Butterfly Festival in Kansas City. Bar Director Brock Schulte has also created a cocktail to highlight butterfly conservation efforts that will be featured on The Monarch menu.

According to a study in the Journal of Biological Conservation, the monarch butterfly may go extinct in the next 20 years. Critical to global pollination, monarch butterflies play an influential part of our ecosystem and have long inspired the Kansas City community. The Monarch Cocktail Bar in Kansas City sits on one of the most important migrations for the species, and Schulte’s award-winning menu highlights its global pathways.

Schulte’s signature drink to raise awareness of the monarch – “Float Like a Butterfly”–combines chamomile-infused Rieger’s Midwestern Dry Gin, with smoked honey, lemon and prosecco, all in perfect balance to reflect grace and beauty. The Monarch team is encouraging the national bartending community to join them in directly supporting conservation efforts, and is also sharing the steps that we can all take to restore monarch butterflies for generations to come:

1.Educate Others: Be aware of and get the word out about the declining monarch population. Explain to others the importance of pollinators in our ecosystem.
2.Plant Milkweed and Other Organic Flowers: The monarch butterfly needs milkweed to survive, and with urban development, this plant is under constant threat. Planting milkweed and organic flowers will support the monarch.
3.Garden Organically: Organic materials help keep butterflies and other pollinators healthy. Pesticides destroy the milkweed plant that monarchs require for survival.
4.Donate: Donate time or money to a trusted organization, such as Powell Gardens in Kansas City, is another great way to help the effort to save the Monarchs!

Float like a Butterfly:
1.5 oz Chamomile-infused Rieger’s Midwestern Dry Gin
.75 oz Smoked Honey Syrup
.75 oz Fresh Lemon
Prosecco to top off

Shake with ice until chilled and strain into a Collins glass, add cube ice and top with Prosecco and a lemon twist.

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