Federal Gov in the USA Ensure Safety of Wine Drinkers. Sea Aged Wine, the Company, Are Not Affected by the Ruling.

The federal government in the USA has made a statement that wine aged in and coming directly from the sea or ocean is not allowed to be consumed as it could be contaminated.


Xabia, Spain, March 12, 2018 –(PR.com)– The only sea aged wine allowed to be consumed in the USA is from the company Sea Aged Wine. This is because it has not directly been in the open sea. All other sea aged wine is not permitted for sale or for consumption.

This is great news for “Sea Aged Wine the company” who own patented sea aged wine tanks which only use purified seawater on land in patented tanks not in the actual sea itself.

Inside sea aged wine tanks there is no under water pressure on the corks or seals and no chance of any contamination. Every bottle is also sealed in a vacuum wrap food grade bag before being submerged and is sold with the bag intact. So you know it is safe to drink.

The FDA letter goes on to say “there are pollutants in the actual sea/ocean.”

Here is an exert from the letter:

“Examples of chemical contaminants found in sea or ocean waters include gasoline, oil, heavy metals, plastics, drug residues, pesticides, as well as various types of filth, including waste materials from biological sources, sludge, decaying organic matter, run-off from farms, effluents from sewage treatment plants, and bilge waters from vessels. Although a wax coating may delay seepage of sea or ocean water into the product, we are not aware of evidence that such a coating would render the packaging impermeable. In addition, biological growth on the container may contribute to the degradation of the cork and wax seal and could contaminate the product when the bottle is opened by the consumer.”

You can read the FDA letter in full at the link below.

Graham Smith, inventor of the sea aged wine tanks which are not affected by the FDA rules said.

“Obviously we are delighted that the Federal government in the USA are very good at their job. Ensuring the safety of USA citizens is paramount. Our wine tanks in which we submerge bottles of wine to evolve into better tasting wine are not affected in anyway by this ruling.

“I also feel that the European union should follow the lead of the USA.

“We would like to hear from any wine producer who would like to use our tanks. As this is the only way to Sea Age wine without breaking FDA rules.”

Its not clear as to how Smith who owns the Sea Aged Wine company will be able to cope with any possible surge in demand. After all they are a small company based in Spain. They will need financial investment.

See the Federal letter about the ban on sea/ocean ageing at: https://www.ttb.gov/announcements/ttb-announcement-underwater-storage-of-wine.pdf

Contact sea aged wine company: info@seaagedwine.com www.seaagedwine.com
Tel 0034 662 406 516 Javea Spain European union or 0044 2380 9703 02 in the united kingdom

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