When it comes to starting your own small business, “the easy part” doesn’t actually exist. Throw in a worldwide pandemic and you can add heaven and earth to the list of mountains already in need of moving. Dee Tutt, however, is a woman of faith and perseverance. An African-American woman in the spirits world, Tutt has faced numerous challenges when it comes to industry access and acceptance, but here she is, pushing her Tropical Rum Cocktail, Savîle, back to market, and expanding her team.

“There are very few African American women in this industry producing a spirit. More often than not, you are discouraged from even trying to break through,” Tutt said. “I’m not a quitter and I don’t want other women, in any industry, to feel they should buckle under the weight of underestimation. I could have folded years ago when we struggled to raise the funds to keep going, but I believe in this product and I have a passion for what I do. I will keep going.”

In partnership with 88 Spirits Corporation in Ontario, CA, Tutt is bringing the best version of Savîle back to market in a 6.8 oz can, 15% alcohol by volume. Originally Savîle Premium Rumtini, Tutt’s latest rendition of her “taste of the islands” is all-natural, non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan-friendly, made with premium rum from some of the finest sugarcane, and a blend of island-inspired tropical fruits.

“Savîle wasn’t born in a lab. It was born from people,” Tutt said. “I started making this for parties and gatherings with my family and friends back in 1983, and it’s been evolving ever since. Any changes I made to the recipe came from their feedback and the feedback of Savîle Premium Rumtini fans. I’m not here to cut corners on my ingredients or taste. I use the best ingredients to produce the best quality and taste because that’s what I stand for and that’s what consumers deserve.”

Savîle Tropical Rum Cocktail is now available online for purchase at Savilecocktails.com. Visit the recipes section for some delicious Savîle-inspired cocktails!


About Savîle:

Good things often take time and taking Savîle from family gathering to bottled and branded, was no exception. 35 years in the making, Savîle Tropical Rum Cocktail, formerly Savîle Premium Rumtini, has evolved from a tropical-inspired mixed drink, to a true “taste of the islands.” Savîle combines premium rum, a blend of tropical fruits, and countless rounds in Dee Tutt’s test kitchen at the mercy of her toughest critics, her family and friends. Savîle is a delicious cocktail that has the essence of the islands in every sip and a generous alcohol level that allows for a drinking experience you can relax and enjoy, as if you were on vacation. Savîle is a drink for all audiences of legal drinking age and mimics what Tutt stands for—an all-natural, clean brand, that can be shared by all.

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