If you can add one thing to your bar cart, let it be Cathead Distillery’s ever so versatile Hoodoo Chicory Liqueur.

If unfamiliar, Cathead is the first legal distillery in the state of Mississippi, founded in 2010 by friends and blues fans Austin Evans and Richard Patrick. The name “Cathead,” a term first coined by Mississippi blues musicians as a nod to respected artists, is the brand’s way of paying homage to the state’s rich musical heritage.

When Austin and Richard decided to foray from vodka into liqueur, they knew the new spirit had to be called Hoodoo: a name that pays homage to the black magic and mysticism brought to the Southern United States through African and Caribbean influences. Elements of the Hoodoo tradition are deeply embedded in Southern culture, especially blues music.

With notes of dried fruits and hints of toffee caramel that highlight a depth of bittersweet earthy spices, Hoodoo Liqueur is delicious on the rocks, added to coffee + cocktails, or paired with that occasional cigar.

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