*An Award-Winning Range of Single Malts from the Isle of Arran, Affectionately Known as “Scotland in Miniature” *

*Traditional Methods, Non-Chill Filtered, and Ex-Sherry and Ex-Bourbon Casks Used to Create
Sweet-Fruity, Fuller-Bodied Single Malts*

*Hotaling & Co. to Become Sole U.S. Importer*

SAN FRANCISCO, May 18, 2020 – In its quest to offer the finest selection of super-premium whiskies from around the world, Hotaling & Co., the San Francisco-based leading importer and distiller of artisanal spirits, today announces a new addition to its portfolio: Arran Single Malt Whiskies from the Isle of Arran off the western coast of Scotland. Beginning June 1, 2020, Hotaling & Co. will be the sole U.S. importer assuming all marketing and sales for Arran’s award-winning range of single malts.

The Isle of Arran is affectionately known as “Scotland in Miniature,” boasting all the climates and scenery of Scotland – from mountains and lowlands, glens and lochs, and three of its own royal castles. Isle of Arran Distillers returned legal distillation to the island after more than 150 years when it produced its first spirit in June 1995, at the Lochranza Distillery, built in the foothills of the northern village of Lochranza in 1994. The only whisky producer on the island, Isle of Arran Distillers also owns Lagg Distillery in the south of the island, which opened in June 2019 and is home to the future heavily-peated Lagg Single Malt.

“Arran Single Malts are a distinctive selection of award-winning expressions that reflect the unique beauty of the Isle of Arran,” says Dan Leese, president and CEO of Hotaling & Co. “It is with great pride that we add the Arran range in the year of its 25th anniversary to the Hotaling & Co. portfolio, as we seek to offer the most impressive collection of the world’s great whiskies to the U.S. market.”

Every drop of Arran Single Malt starts its life as rainwater that pools at Loch na Davie in the beautiful hill high above the distillery. The clear water cascades down the hillside, through six unassuming waterfalls, each one purifying the water further. The name of the burn, Easan Biorach, means ‘Sharp Waterfalls’ in Gaelic. The purity of the water allows the distilling team to create a clean, sweet dram that is entirely natural and unadulterated. Double-distilled from un-peated malts, Arran Single Malt is matured in both ex-Sherry and ex-Bourbon casks for perfect balance and non-chill filtered. The result is a fuller bodied dram with a delightful sweet-fruity character that shows maturity far beyond its years. They only use the traditional methods of distilling, with wooden washbacks and copper stills, designed to their exact specification.


The following Arran Single Malts will be available in the U.S. through Hotaling & Co.:

The Arran Malt Robert Burns Malt (43% ABV, 750ml, $39.99 SRP)

The Arran Malt 10-Year-Old (46% ABV, 750ml, $59.99 SRP)

The Arran Malt Quarter Cask “The Bothy” (53.2% ABV, 750ml, $74.99 SRP)

The Arran Malt Sauternes Cask (50% ABV, 750ml, $74.99 SRP)

The Arran Malt Amarone Cask (50% ABV, 750ml, $74.99 SRP)

The Arran Malt Port Cask (50% ABV, 750ml, $74.99 SRP)

The Arran Malt 18-Year-Old (46% ABV, 750ml, $159.99 SRP)

The Arran Malt 21-Year-Old (46% ABV, 750ml, $245.99 SRP)

Additional Limited Editions


Euan Mitchell, Managing Director of Isle of Arran Distillers says, “We are a proudly independent Scottish company, and great care and attention is given to making sure that our Single malt remains true to its roots. We are one of the few remaining independent distilleries in Scotland, free of corporate chains, and this authenticity and desire to stay in close touch with our consumers makes us stand out from the crowd. Our whiskies are full of personality – we are not just independently owned, we are also independently minded.”


For more information on Hotaling & Co. and Arran Single Malts, visit www.hotalingandco.com; and visit this link for photos.


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About Hotaling & Co.

Hotaling & Co., the leading San Francisco importer & distiller, offers the finest curated portfolio of premium artisanal spirits including Luxardo Liqueurs, Nikka Whisky, No.3 Gin, Kavalan Whisky, Lot 40 Whisky, HINE Cognac, Denizen Rum, and HIRSCH Selected Whiskeys. Hotaling & Co., originally named Anchor Distilling Company, was established in 1993 and is credited with releasing America’s first craft whiskey (Old Potrero) and American craft gin (Junípero Gin) after Prohibition. In 2010, Anchor Distilling Company was sold to a business partnership that included Tony Foglio and London’s oldest wine and spirit merchant, Berry Bros. & Rudd and began expanding to incorporate a collection of super-premium artisanal spirits imported from around the world. In 2017, Anchor Distilling became Hotaling & Co. The new name is a nod to one of Anchor Distilling’s most beloved small batch whiskies (Old Potrero Hotaling’s Whiskey) and to the San Francisco legend A.P. Hotaling, who came out West during the Gold Rush and quickly became one of the most reputable spirits dealers in the country. Today, Hotaling & Co. celebrates exciting growth and achievements; marking its 26th year of distilling and its 10th year of commercially uniting artisan distillers from around the world and sharing their stories to discerning consumers. HotalingandCo.com


About The Isle of Arran Distillers

The Isle of Arran Distillery, now Lochranza Distillery, was built in the foothills of the village of Lochranza in 1994 and the first spirit ran from the stills on June 29, 1995 bringing legal distillation back to Arran after more than 150 years.  Isle of Arran Distillers remains the only whisky producer on the island and they are the proud owners of two stunning Single Malt distilleries, Lochranza Distillery in the north and Lagg Distillery in the south of the island. Lagg Distillery opened in June 2019 and is home to the future heavily-peated Lagg Single Malt.  A 100% independent Scottish company, they are proud to carry the history of whisky distilling on the Isle of Arran into the modern whisky market all over the world. Arran was named Scottish Distiller of the Year (2007) and the Arran 10 Year Old was awarded a Double Gold at the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. The Company was also named Whisky Magazine’s ‘Brand Innovator of the Year’ in 2020.

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