The Lakes Distillery is introducing The Quatrefoil Collection, a four-year, limited edition, luxury single malt whisky collection.

Whiskymaker Dhavall Gandhi has designed The Quatrefoil Collection to showcase The Lakes Distillery’s distinctive sherry-led multi-oak maturation process and demonstrate the wide flavour spectrum it offers.

His meticulous selection of the finest casks available and masterful liquid combinations creates and accentuates the flavours within the unique collection. Each release will be a different representation of what can be achieved using the multi-oak maturation technique.

Faith Hope Luck Love
Oak American & Spanish Spanish Spanish American
Sherry Oloroso & PX Oloroso & PX PX Oloroso
Maturation Bourbon & Sherry Sherry Sherry Sherry
Cask type Barrels & Hogsheads Hogsheads Hogsheads Hogsheads
Expected flavour profile Vanilla, Cinnamon, Dried fruits Ginger, Wood spice, Dried fruits Dried fruits, Vanilla, Wood spice Vanilla, Cream, Dried fruits


The first release, Faith, is a complex single malt whisky, matured initially in American & European oak casks. This was followed by a second maturation in PX hogsheads made-up of American and European Oak.  The result is a whisky with comforting notes of vanilla, dried fruit and hints of cinnamon.

As with all single malt whisky from The Lakes Distillery no colourants are added so the natural colours from the oak casks are showcased in every bottle.  The entire collection will be bottled at 56.5% ABV and non-chill-filtered to offer a richer mouthfeel and the full depth of flavour.

The quatrefoil is an ancient Celtic symbol representing Faith, Hope, Luck and Love.  During the extensive renovation of The Lakes Distillery Victorian farmstead, 26 depictions of the symbol were unearthed in the original masonry and preserved as a daily reminder of its core beliefs.

Whiskymaker Dhavall Gandhi took his inspiration from iconic Lake District landmarks to characterise the distillery’s core beliefs in four exquisite expressions; Faith, released in 2018, Hope in 2019, Luck 2020 and Love in 2021.

The Quatrefoil Collection is limited to 3,500 collections and available to purchase exclusively at The Lakes Distillery or on online at

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