MIRA LOMA, CA (October 2018) – As of October 1st, HM Leveque a subsidiary of LeVecke Corporation, a leading beer, wine and spirits supplier, and brand representative, has officially entered into a partnership with FOS Greek Mastiha. LeVecke has assumed the import and distribution responsibilities for FOS throughout the U.S. market. FOS Greek Mastiha joins LeVecke’s portfolio of successful national brands as well as its collection of premium Greek wines and spirits.

“LeVecke Corporation looks forward to enhancing our offerings and overall customer experience by joining this high growth category,” said Neil LeVecke, CEO, LeVecke Corporation. “In addition, the LeVecke Corporation’s robust network of national retail chain business, coupled with FOS’s strength in Mastiha Liqueur sales, makes this venture a natural complement.”

“We are very proud to partner with LeVecke Corp to distribute FOS Greek Mastiha throughout the United States. Our companies have very complementary skills and this partnership will certainly accelerate our growth around the country and further establish FOS as one of the leading liqueurs,” said Pierre Economacos, co-founder of Ambrosia Group and FOS Greek Mastiha.

Mastiha has been grown for centuries on the small island of Chios, Greece, the only place in the world that the mastic tree will grow. Known as the base for the first ever chewing gum, mastiha has great medicinal values and aids in digestion. It’s these properties that have made FOS as popular when used as a cocktail ingredient as when served chilled as an after-dinner digestif.

FOS has a unique sweet taste with herbal undertones and tree essences. These characteristics, which are a result of FOS Greek Mastiha being made from 100% pure mastiha and not merely ‘scented,’ has made FOS a favorite go-to among mixologists looking to give their creations a unique taste and balance.

“We couldn’t be prouder,” said Joe LeVecke, President, LeVecke Corporation. “Our family-owned company is going into its 70th year and our fourth generation of family leadership. We are confident this joint venture will provide both entities with a greater focus on sales, marketing and support for customers and suppliers, and employees will see further expansion and opportunities for growth.”

About LeVecke Corp: The LeVecke family operates the LeVecke Corporation in Mira Loma, California as a wholesale supplier of beer and wine and rectifier of distilled spirits. The LeVeckes have remained an independent family-owned company since William R. LeVecke and his sons, Reed and Neil LeVecke Sr., founded it in 1949. The multi-faceted company is a brand builder, importing, representing and building national brands across the globe. It also has the experience of decades long support, supplying every national retail chain in the country. LeVecke Corporation’s focus on building quality starting from inside the bottle, has led to the growth with customers, suppliers, distributors, importers and retailers throughout the world. www.levecke.com

About FOS Greek Mastiha: FOS Greek Mastiha is a clear spirit with a unique sweet taste, full range of herbal tones and tree essences which are beautifully pronounced when used as a cocktail ingredient or served chilled and neat in a shot glass. FOS Greek Mastiha is ideal as an after-dinner drink and has quickly established itself among respected mixologists as a dynamic complementary ingredient in signature cocktails at high-end venues around the country. As the authentic liqueur of the Chios Mastiha Growers Association, FOS embodies the very special tradition of mastiha production. www.fosmastiha.com

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