Liquor Lab, Manhattan’s first hands-on, interactive craft beer, wine, spirits and cocktail events space, announced educational class enrollment is officially open for one-off and ongoing progressive sessions, catering to spirit professionals of all levels.

Beginner bartenders, seasoned pros, as well as bar and restaurant staff can visit the Bartender tab on the Liquor Lab website to register. The initial course offerings kick off on April 2.

Attendees will learn everything: from making the essential classic cocktails, to industry standards of building and balancing drinks, to advanced mechanics and techniques that span across the entire industry,” says Liquor Lab Founder and President Owen Meyer.

In the industry-exclusive classes, novices and pros alike can immerse themselves in a variety of learnings specifically formulated to help them achieve a variety of goals through cohesive instruction. Classes are taught by Liquor Lab Director of Trade Development
Elayne Duff, and other industry experts.

“The goal of these classes is to elevate attendees’ technical skill sets and their cocktail creation know-how, while offering tips and tricks of the trade to upgrade their drink offerings. We provide them a deeper understanding of the products carried behind their
bars, so they can enhance the experiences of their guests,” says Duff. “The curriculum is designed so those who work within the bar and restaurant industry are able to excel in their careers and provide better service to their clientele.”

Most immediately, Liquor Lab offers:

Level Up Course:

A program geared toward bartenders looking to take their drink making skills to the next
level. Pupils will leave with a better understanding of the spirits offered on their back bars, a solid foundation of how to create the most called for classics, the knowledge to make delicious cocktails of their own from the ground up, and other advanced tricks of the trade to elevate their overall capabilities

Industry Fundamentals:

These informational sessions are made for sales reps and brand ambassadors who want to enhance their skills so they can be better partners with their accounts. Each course is customized to the specific brands that attendee works with so that individuals can
better understand how to mix with them, know which brand is right for each account, see how to properly substitute one brand for another, and learn how to make menus and provide cocktail recipes that sell. These elements can assist their accounts in being
more profitable.

Future classes will include:

Advanced Bartending

Course: A syllabus focused on elevating spirit knowledge and mixology skills to the next level. Within these half-day courses spanning three days, students will be taken through a deep dive on spirits, a refresher on the foundations of mixology, and through more advance cocktail creation techniques, menu planning, enhanced service methods, signature serves, as well as other beneficial methods in order to deliver more high-level experiences to their guests.

Spirit Category Deep

Dive: Categories offered will vary each month. Within these classes, students will have chance to taste multiple products that best represent the category while receiving a deep dive into one spirit category: from the choice of the raw material, the effects of terroir, fermentation, distillation, and aging, all the way to the bottle, finishing with recommendations of unique signature serves to offers to your guests.

“Just as we intend to raise the bar for the at-home consumer and the way they drink, and think about cocktails, we offer that same opportunity to trade professionals who are often thrust into the bar world without depth of experience,” says Freddie Sarkis, Liquor Lab’s Chief Cocktail Officer. “We offer those people a source for information and tools to will help them feel more comfortable in that world.”

Training packages range in price, and will be customized in length and depth, per class. For more information, please visit or email

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