Lonerider Spirits has now entered the ready-to-drink cocktail space with a whiskey mule that is available now in North Carolina.

The ginger and lime whiskey mule comes in a 4-pack of 12 oz. cans and the ABV is 7%. “Lonerider Spirits used real whiskey in our mule cocktail since creating malt or wine based cocktails aren’t in our core expertise,” says Chris Mielke, President of Lonerider Spirits. “We also chose natural ginger and lime flavors instead of artificial ingredients to give it a clean light taste with a hint of carbonation.”

The canned cocktail market is a fast growing opportunity for creators of spirits like Lonerider. During the 52-week period ending July 13 – according to Nielsen (a market research firm), off-premise retail sales of canned cocktails increased 70.3 percent to $55.3 million. Bars and restaurants favor canned cocktails due to their lower prep time and canned cocktails account for about 20 percent of all prepared cocktails. 

“This is just the beginning for our canned cocktail line – we’ll be expanding it next year with a couple more offerings – all based from spirits,” Chris explains. “We’re also working on a few other collaborations since we have bandwidth to explore this segment of the market.”

Lonerider Spirits recently won a gold medal from the ADI, gold and bronze medals from the SFWSC, a bronze medal from the ACSA, bronze and silver medals from the NYIS, silver medals from the SIP Awards as well as being named “NC Bourbon Distillery of the Year” in 2019.

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