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MicroShiner Releases New Mobile App for Discovering Craft Spirits

Corvallis, Montana – 16 November 2018


MicroShiner, a discovery platform and content marketplace focused on craft spirits and small batch lifestyle, recently announced the launch of their new mobile app MicroFinder for Android and iOS.

“We are thrilled to be able to provide this platform for craft distillers and their fans,” said MicroShiner founder Cobey Williamson. “We are proud to be helping craft spirit enthusiasts connect with small, local producers and regional, handmade products.”

The MicroFinder app uses a location-based interface to allow users to find micro-distilleries near them, offering directions and other information like hours of operation, rating, and reviews.

The app also allows users to browse a database of craft spirits, filter their search by such criteria as type, rating and price, and rate the spirits themselves.

Both distilleries and individual products can be saved as favorites using a function called My Bar.

“Our goal is to get more people buying local, whether that’s at home or while traveling,”  Williamson said. “Everything we do at MicroShiner is geared toward helping people to support the small, independent producers in whatever community they find themselves.”

The MicroFinder app is available for download from both the Google Play and Apple App stores.

About MicroShiner

MicroShiner is a discovery platform and content marketplace focused on supporting producers and consumers in the distributed economy. It operates from offices in Corvallis, Montana, and Santa Rosa, California. More at

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