Midas Mead has become one of three new companies to be selected as a winner of One Planet’s prestigious Start-up of the Year for Consumer Products Award.
Midas Mead is the UK’s only Luxury and Bespoke Meadery specialising in exclusivity through small, high quality, public batches. Midas Mead also offer a unique, all encompassing, bespoke service tailored to any desire, thus making the already rare drink truly one of a kind.
Midas Mead becoming a carbon negative luxury company secured their winning place in the One Planet Awards. With their multi-award winning reforestation program being the most well known of Midas’ green initiatives, this award also recognises the companywide focus on sustainable production, from their eco-friendly packaging to the tradition production methods used.
The win offers the ideal platform for the meadery and Hamish Murray of Midas Mead has plans to expand their zero emissions into their logistics, having said “Following this, we hope to expand our traditional production methods from purely the production to include the transport of our ingredients. We have two Shetland ponies joining us, who will be helping move our barrels using a cart, without the use of fossil fuels or rare earth metal mining – that would be found in modern vehicles.”
Winners will be celebrated and presented their awards during a virtual awards ceremony in December.

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