Exotic woods can bring exciting new flavors to beverages, and Oak Wise now offers beverage makers even more choices. Try some lightly fire-toasted, spicy Brazilian Amburana or, for a different level of complexity, try Brazilian Walnut (Ipe). If a lighter, more subtle level of sweetness is desired, French Cherry offers delicious red fruit and cherry notes. Oak Wise also has access to many other species, such as American Swamp Cypress, Spanish Cedar, Acacia, and many others. www.oak-wise.com

Sonoma Cast Stone


Oak barrels should last a few years. Concrete NuBarrels from Sonoma Cast Stone will last a few decades. NuBarrels give you total control of oak or any other flavor supplement, and they require one-third less storage space, per gallon, than oak barrels. You can fill, drain, and clean the tank in place, using less labor and less water. There’s also much less fluid lost to evaporation. The overall expense of using concrete NuBarrels is only a fraction that of oak, and they’re suitable for aging and fermentation for wine, beer, and spirits. Guaranteed not to crack or leak. International patent pending. Made in America. www.concretewinetanks.com


Vortex Somm

The VORTEX Somm from Vinotive is filled by letting wine pass through its “rain filter,” which aerates wine, releasing its bouquet on its journey to the decanting vessel beneath. Simply slide up the specially designed, stainless steel, gravity-fed valve, and a glass of wine is served within seconds. An elegant way to serve wine or other beverages, and an eye-catching tabletop conversation piece, it’s made of durable borosilicate glass, stainless steel, and silicone. Capacity 1L. Easy to clean, simply rinse the filter and decanting vessel. www.vinotive.com



Waterloo Container, a packaging provider for the wine, spirits, and craft beverage industries of the Eastern United States, Canada, and Caribbean, introduces its American-made 375mL sparkling bottle designed for use with a twist crown. This unique shape and size is especially suited for the wine industry and the ever-increasing popularity of fizzy drinks begging to show off their color in clear flint glass. This bottle is sold in a 24-pack configuration with options for partitioned cases or six custom 4-pack carriers. www.waterloocontainer.com



Loading kegs onto a plain cement floor can often chip the flooring surface, opening the door to germs and bacteria and deterioration of the floor. The non-ESD version of SelecTech’s SelecTile flooring—with easy-to-install interlocking tiles—protects your floor and helps you adhere to board of health requirements, with no messy glue-down and easy replacement of tiles that might wear out over time. The interlocking tiles are easy to maintain and resilient enough to withstand frequent spills and regular mopping. Made with 70 percent recycled materials and 100 percent recyclable, SelecTile meets CA 1350 Indoor Air Quality and is MAS Certified Green. Available in a variety of colors. staticstop.com


Saverglass has recently launched “POP,” a collection of premium bottles intended for spirits with a strong identity. The line’s characteristics are based on strong designs, mechanical capping, and the ability to be reused after their first life. The POP collection consists of three catalog designs that have been remodeled so they can be capped with mechanical stoppers. The Forty-six range offers an extra tall finish for mechanical stoppers, while the Botanic and Diamond ranges are both designed with a small hole in their necks for inserting a mechanical stopper. Give your bottles a second life with the POP collection. www.saverglass.com




The patent-pending Ace Venturi is Vintuitive Winemaking Tools’ latest product, and the result of more than two years of research and development. The three-piece venturi device uses a customized stainless steel T-fitting as its structural housing, and all the other parts nest within that T-fitting.

The Ace comes in two versions, one made entirely of stainless steel and the other made of a stainless steel T with FDA-compliant plastic inserts. No custom gaskets or unique accessories are needed for assembly. The Ace is initially being offered in 1.5-inch and 2-inch sizes through Vintuitive vendors; a 3-inch diameter will be available soon. www.vintuitivewmt.com

Viski tumblers


Inspired by an era of modernity and opulence, these Viski tumblers are draped in art deco motifs. Crafted from lead-free crystal, this is glassware that transcends trend. Viski offers wine, bar, and lifestyle collections that marry function with design. Pieces range from gold-dipped corkscrews to faceted cocktail glasses and gunmetal-finish barware. Across all collections, the Viski brand is united by timeless sophistication. viski.com

Ceres Imaging


Ceres Imaging’s product updates for the 2020 season include improvements to its proprietary Chlorophyll Index. Refined segmentation techniques mean the Chlorophyll Index will now reflect only the chlorophyll content of the crop canopy—not soil or understory growth, such as grass or weeds. The result? More accurate measurements to inform scouting, nutrient deficiency assessments, and management zones. www.ceresimaging.net



Cornerstone Stainless Containers (CSC) offers new and used, European manufactured, stainless steel containers for use in the food and beverage industries. It also stocks and ships original replacement parts to keep your current equipment functioning like new. By working with leading European manufacturers, CSC is able to offer high-quality pressure containers and non-pressure containers with extremely competitive pricing. Its unique industry resources let CSC customize products to suit customers’ needs. cornerstonestainlesscontainers.com



California company Amoretti specializes in super-concentrated natural infusions for artisan craft beverages. Infuse cocktails, seltzers, RTDs, Italian sodas, Italian ice, ciders, iced teas, sangria, lemonades, milkshakes, and more. Sourcing the freshest fruits, herbs, spices, and chocolates from around the world, and paying meticulous attention to quality and consistency to create more than 2,000 of the finest ingredients all made from scratch, Amoretti has mastered the minimalistic approach to creating ingredients that contribute delicate aromas and sophisticated flavors to artisan craft beverages. Amoretti beverage infusions are scalable, from a glass to a tank, with ease and consistency. amoretti.com



Astrapouch introduces the first-of-its-kind retail or take-out Slushy Pouch. The 1.5-liter Slushy Pouch holds the equivalent of two 750 mL glass bottles and can be placed in a freezer and frozen solid. Many people use the frozen Slushy Pouch as an ice block in the cooler until it’s soft enough to drink. Whether as a take-out pouch from a winery tasting room or as a pre-mixed blend to be frozen at home, the Astrapouch Slushy Pouch squeezes out a perfectly delicious slushy drink through its 1-inch spout. www.astrapouch-na.com


Scott Laboratories, a supplier of fermentation, filtration, packaging and equipment products, has launched The Oak Lab, an enterprise dedicated to oak infusion products. The Oak Lab brings a new perspective to the oak infusion market by developing and embracing new technologies and re-imagining the process of product trials, selection, and application. Its mission is to deliver solutions for winemaking success and unparalleled customer experiences, all with an eye toward wine quality. The Oak Lab integrates deep oak know-how with more than a century’s worth of North American winemaking expertise to provide products that are harmonized with the entire winemaking process. scottlab.com


Fogg Spirits Rinser

Fogg has created a new rinser style that contains rinsing solution in cups and recirculates through a built-in trough system. The trough has three segments, making it easy to install and maintain. Other benefits include keeping prelabeled bottles dry on the exterior (as to not warp or alter the labels), as well as keeping fumes contained for additional safety of operators. This rinser creates minimized proof loss during recirculation and keeps your machine cleaner due to no product on the rinser base. This rinser is made in the United States and serviced domestically. It was created with spirits in mind, but would be available for nearly any application. www.foggfiller.com

FreeFlow Wines [Photo by Bob McClenahan]

Free Flow Wines, the leader in sustainable alternative wine packaging, provides quality wine-on-tap and wine-in-a-can services for wineries. Turnkey kegging and logistics services include 100 percent reusable stainless steel kegs, fully-automated filling equipment, COLA compliance, wine-specific QC, bulk wine storage, and marketing support. Complete canning services offer flexible pack-off configurations and a fully automated high-speed line to accommodate custom projects in a range of sizes. Free Flow’s production facilities are in Sonoma, Calif., and Bayonne, N.J. www.freeflowwines.com

MCC Label


Soft-Touch Lamination from Multi-Color Corporation (MCC) is a unique process that imparts a luxurious, ultra-soft finish to wine and spirits packaging that consumers find irresistible and hard to let go. In addition to the incredibly soft feel, the finish renders superior depth and richness of color, giving any package a premium appearance. The process can be used in conjunction with foil stamping, embossing, unique varnishes, and hi-build screen embellishments on a wide variety of label stocks. MCC has locations in Napa and San Luis Obispo (Calif.), Montreal (Canada), and Mason, Ohio. www.mcclabelnapa.com


Seguin Moreau

Seguin Moreau Napa Cooperage’s Gaileoak is made with 55 mm oak staves. The spherical cask rotates and allows a new form of aging on lees. In addition to its aesthetics, the sphere’s shape helps preserve wine from temperature variation and provides for slow and natural convection movements, enabling delicate extraction of grape compounds. www.seguinmoreaunapa.com

CF Napa


When Hawaii’s largest craft brewery, Maui Brewing Co., came to CF Napa Brand Design to extend its offering into spirits with the Kupu Spirits brand, the first release was a line of canned cocktails. In Hawaiian, “kupu” means “sprout” or “growth” and is representative of the brewery’s new beginning in the craft beverage world. The goal for the project was to encapsulate the feeling of the brand name and its meaning while also creating packaging that’s authentically Hawaiian. The solution? A line of canned cocktails with bright, refreshing colors and a motif inspired by Hawaii’s historic kapa patterns. CF Napa specializes in strategic brand solutions for the alcohol beverage industry. www.cfnapa.com


Wasau Coated

Wausau Coated Products introduces a new family of label stocks that will let you push and hold printing effects. The Wausau label portfolio now includes heavy facestocks that are custom engineered for embossing and debossing, such as 154# Castile Bright White Felt and 143# Castile Bright Silver Foil. Both constructions include i8017, an ultra-aggressive, water resistant, and permanent adhesive designed to deliver ultimate adhesion to a variety of substrates. Embossing, debossing, and/or foil stamping these heavy facestocks will give you the depth and intricacy that easily produce 3D designs. www.wausaucoated.com



Primera Technology, a leading manufacturer of specialty printers, introduces the LX610 Color Label Printer/Cutter, which combines high-resolution color label printing with digital die cutting; after each image is printed, it’s cut to the desired size and shape. It comes with easy-to-use software for laying out print and cut files, and users can produce custom labels of any size or shape in just minutes. This machine helps businesses print short runs of custom labels without delays or die costs and doesn’t require large bulk orders—it produces samples, prototypes, and short runs for client approval or test marketing. www.primera.com


Saverglass has recently launched “POP,” a collection of premium bottles intended for spirits with a strong identity. The line’s characteristics are based on strong designs, mechanical capping, and the ability to be reused after their first life. The POP collection consists of three catalog designs that have been remodeled so they can be capped with mechanical stoppers. The Forty-six range offers an extra tall finish for mechanical stoppers, while the Botanic and Diamond ranges are both designed with a small hole in their necks for inserting a mechanical stopper. Give your bottles a second life with the POP collection. www.saverglass.com

Vino 911


Vino 911 Stain Remover safely removes most red wine stains from clothing, linens, and carpet. The 2-ounce spray bottle is the perfect size for handbags and works to get wine out anywhere—restaurants, bars, wine tastings, or while traveling. To remove a wine spill, gently shake the Vino 911 bottle and spray on the red wine stain, blot excess with a clean white cloth and let dry. Vino 911 Stain Remover contains no artificial chemical solvents and no perfumes, using all natural ingredients to break down and eliminate the stained area naturally. www.corkpops.com



Persedo, based outside of Houston, Texas, is the developer of the Persedo Polishing Technology, a transformative, proprietary process that removes and/or converts impurities and components in distilled spirits that contribute to unfavorable flavors. The affordable production step, taken prior to barreling or bottling, creates a purer, smoother spirit supporting not only greater sales, but also potentially higher prices and greater profit. Persedo Polishing Technology is available under license. www.persedo.com

Universal Packaging


Universal Packaging is pleased to present the new Vinoseal Edge Collection. With these glass closures, you’re no longer limited to only decorating the top part of the closure. With its unique shape, the Edge collection lets you get creative and decorate the sides of the Vinoseal as well—or add dimension with a custom color for the inside of the closure. The Vinoseals are available in two sizes, 21.5 and 23.0. www.thinkuniversal.com



With consumer trends constantly evolving and shelf space quickly shrinking, your brand needs to stand out more than ever. Custom packaging solutions from Saxco provides quick and unique solutions for any retail need and budget. Let us take the guesswork out of developing new and innovative packaging solutions that enhance your brand and improve both your top and bottom line performance. Featured offers include: gift packs, club member shippers, POS items and displays, dedicated in-house packaging design team, prototype creation and start-to-finish project management. saxco.com