Global Package Clarior bottle

Global Package LLC, with offices in California and on the East Coast, has in stock the top line of Estal products from Europe for wines and spirits. The Clarior bottle, with specialized and patented DobleAlto base, creates a customized bottle look and is available in as few as single pallet quantities. The company offers glass customization for as few as 10,000 bottles. Attractive packing options for the craft market are now even closer at hand.


Amorim Cork’s Sense Tops

Amorim Cork’s Top Series introduces Sense Tops, offering spirits customers an unprecedented aromatic experience. Stoppers are coated with colorful enamel infused with the fragrance, which is released when the surface is scratched. The current aroma portfolio includes mint, citrus, chocolate, star anise, and more. Sense Tops are highly customizable by fragrance, size, and shape.



Oak Solutions Group’s evOAK High Extract Series High Caramel Chips

Consistent with Oak Solutions Group’s evOAK High Extract Series, High Caramel chips are toasted in a custom-designed small-batch roaster that develops specific attributes in the oak according to the unique recipe for that toast. High Caramel tank staves are created using computer-controlled convection technology that creates tank staves with accelerated extraction of full-bodied oak. These toasting regimes allow for the large range of time and temperature combinations necessary to bring out caramel flavors in the oak.



Here’s something to lift your spirits. The leader in distilled spirit labels, Fort Dearborn Company offers custom cut and stack, pressure sensitive, and shrink sleeve labels with specialty finishes to set your brand apart.

The 1.75L/2L Astrapouch



The 1.75L/2L Astrapouch features a smarter spigot for easier dispensing with sustainable materials for a longer shelf life and a cooler beverage for all the cocktails that consumers want on the go. Its easy-to-open, easy-to-carry, label-ready pouches are durable, convenient, and eco-friendly. Ready to be enjoyed at home or on the go, these pouches are designed to complement your present packaging and provide an opportunity to use existing labels.

Legends Drinkware


Legends Drinkware is artisan, hand-blown glassware for true sports fans, available in pint and tumbler-size glasses and currently available with logos from the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) and University of Oregon (Go Ducks!). Drinkware that supports the University of Miami, University of Georgia, University of Kentucky, Florida State University, University of Wisconsin-Madison and University of Washington will be available soon.



InnoVint Enterprise Solution

InnoVint, the leader in modern winery management software, has introduced new Enterprise Solution options for larger producers that manage inventory across brands, intended uses, and locations, with the ability to integrate ERPs and other systems directly with InnoVint’s 100% REST APIs. The package includes upgraded support and SLAs as well as direct access to a dedicated account manager.


Waterloo Container craft “jars”


Waterloo Container, a family-owned supplier of glass bottles and closures, now stocks a great looking pair of craft “jars” perfect for spirits, moonshine, and craft beverages. The Mayberry Jar in 750ml and sample sized 50ml can be paired with the company’s gold screw cap and tamper evident tape to create a shelf worthy spirit presentation.


MCC cork labels

MCC (Multi-Color Corporation) delivers creative and outside-the-box label innovations to help customers stand out from their competition. One of MCC’s latest offerings is a label printed on natural cork. This substrate can be embellished with additional treatments, such as screen gloss or high-build, to really capture consumers’ attention. Please contact MCC for more information on this or any of our other many label innovations.


Squarrel Barrel

Squarrel Barrel’s patented stainless steel barrel is reusable and sustainable. The design is engineered to use only one-third of the wood found in traditional barrels, yet still produces similar micro-oxygenation rates, which provide that cherished flavoring exchange between the wood and beer, liquor, or wine as it ages. Customize staves to create unique flavors, save natural resources and shelf space, age brews and spirits faster, increase productivity, and reduce long term costs with Squarrel.


Amcor Capsules Shapeart


Amcor Capsules is adding texture to its recently launched SHAPEART offer. The Texture expertise allows for personalized aluminum closures with deformation of the skirt. The texture technology can create artistic and unique patterns on the closure as well as very detailed designs. Texture can be applied on the Stelvinrange as well as other long skirt aluminium in Amcor’s product portfolio.


Barrel Mill’s Infusion Spirals

The Barrel Mill’s Infusion Spiral oak alternative now comes in two new woods: amburana and mizunara. Infusion Spirals give distillers a simple, fast, economical way to age and color spirits and produce new-barrel quality at a fraction of the price of new barrels. Amburana wood reduces acidity while adding sweet and savory flavors of gingerbread and vanilla. Mizurana, coming in mid-2021, contributes characteristics of sandalwood, coconut, and spice. Also available: Char #3 oak spirals.

Mother Murphy’s coffee flavors


Mother Murphy’s has created a variety of new coffee flavors for the alcohol industry, including latte flavor iterations. The company worked with Pennington Distillery on its Mocha Whisper Creek cream liqueur. The Mocha Whisper Creek cream liqueur is mainly enjoyed on ice but is also used as a creamer in coffee. Mother Murphy’s has created more than 100 coffee compliments for the alcohol industry.


Led by experienced industry professionals, FIVE x 5 Solutions offers consulting services tailored to the needs of craft distillers. Whether a distillery is using Whiskey Systems, DISTILL x 5, or spreadsheets, these services address everything, including COLA applications, process optimization, compliance, cost accounting, and more.

Design by CF Napa


Fordham Lee Distillery came to CF Napa to develop a brand that honors its founder’s late son. The packaging needed to be classy, strong, and speak to the brand’s focus on family and friendship. The label design is printed on metal with embossed detail, creating an incredible tactile experience for the imbiber and a commanding presence for the nostalgic hand-drawn type—a spirit worth remembering. CF Napa Brand Design specializes in strategic brand solutions for the alcohol beverage industry.


Cask Global Canning Solutions Mobile ACS System

Cask Global Canning Solutions is now offering its new Mobile ACS System. Designed for discerning mobile canners of wine, beer, cider and more, it easily fits truck lift gates, fills an array of can sizes and beverages (with fast changeover), and has stainless steel fill heads for high-strength CIP measures.


Oak Wise Mocha chips


Oak Wise Mocha is toasted at very high temperatures to produce more of the furfural compounds with control of smoke and exclusion of char. With American Oak, this toast profile has been very successful in chip form used in a complex island rum, as has the double toast Pinnacle American Mocha chip in a bourbon style whiskey. Well researched, trialed and developed toasts allow for precise control of a spirit’s flavor profile.


OnBatch, formerly known as HoochWare, released a new cloud-based software solution built from the ground up, incorporating suggestions and ideas from current HoochWare clients to provide a fully comprehensive distillery management solution. Feature sets include repeatable, scalable product flows, inventory management, enhanced TTB reporting features, and many other improvements. The end-to-end solution handles everything from inventory through production and reporting for distilleries around the world.

Wright Global Graphics

Family-owned Wright Global Graphics, built on a foundation of creativity and craftsmanship, is proud to be the preferred print provider for some of the most recognizable craft beverage brands in the market. WGG specializes in custom pressure sensitive labels featuring creative design, modern print technology and beautiful finishing options. Its turn-key approach and dedicated team members make it possible to deliver world-class quality labels on time, every time.


Seguin Moreau QTT Barrel


QTT, the molecules quercotriterpenosides, come from extensive R&D and holds an Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences (ISVV) and Seguin Moreau patent. QTT play a key role in sensory profiles of wines aged in barrels, responsible for the sensation of “sugariness” and sweetness in dry wines. This barrel enhances the structure of wines while preserving their expression of fruit and their vineyard identity.


Primera’s AP362 label applicator

Primera’s AP362 label applicator is the perfect semi-automatic labeling solution for cylindrical containers, as well as many tapered containers, including bottles, cans, jars, and tubes. Labels are perfectly applied without wrinkles, giving your finished products a highly professional look. The AP362 can apply one or two different labels to a single container at speeds up to 1,200 per hour. A built-in LED counter and memory for up to nine front-to-back label offsets is also included.


Tonnelerie Orion


Tonnellerie Orion continues to combine technological advancements, artisanal attention, and superior wood sourcing to create made-to-order barrels for wineries worldwide. Its elegant styles elevate aromatics, support the palate, and highlight the varietal and vineyard characters that make every wine unique. Aged a minimum of 3 years, it now offers 500L (27mm & 38mm thick staves) and 600L (38mm staves).


The Beverage Station


The Beverage Station is a commercial-grade, dual-temperature zone kegerator unit that lets servers offer a wide variety of beverages from a single unit. Serve red and white wine, beer, mixed cocktails, nitro cold brew, and kombucha—all at the ideal temperature, without the hassle of bottles. Beverage Station can store up to 12 kegs and be used either stationary or as a mobile dispensing solution.


Amoretti Craft Purees


Amoretti specializes in crafting natural ingredients that empower brewers, distilleries, and mixologists around the world. Experience perfect craftsmanship and attention to detail in every step – from sourcing the freshest fruits and ingredients to a final product characterized by refined aroma, impeccable color, and delicious flavor. Whether added during or post-brew process, Amoretti Craft Purees offer scalable and consistent fruit flavor.


BSG now offers Crisp Scottish Distilling Malts. Crisp has been making distilling malt in Scotland for more than 40 years. From those efforts comes Crisp Scottish Heavy Peated Pot Still and Premium Pot Still Malt, two hallmark distilling malts. The Premium Pot Still is flavorful and high alcohol yielding, the workhorse of many a Scottish distillery. The Peated Pot Still is the same spring barley as Premium Pot Still, but is slowly peated to give fullest absorption of phenols. Craft authentic malt whiskies with Crisp.


Tom Beard Barrel Picker

After lengthy research and development, the Tom Beard Company is successfully selling its latest innovation to the market. The Tom Beard Barrel Picker is helping the cellar crew safely remove stacked barrels from inside trucks and safely load on to barrel racks. The item mounts to a forklift mast and locks on.


FermLife nutrient supplement

FermLife nutrient supplement was developed to provide vital nutrients to yeast during fermentation to optimize alcohol production and sugar utilization in distilling and brewing operations. It can be used to supplement nitrogen-based nutrients, such as di-ammonium phosphate (DAP), and can help significantly shorten fermentation times of atypical feedstocks including various sugars, molasses, honey, agave syrup, and other more difficult to ferment carbohydrate sources.


Enhance and streamline home delivery with affordable, easy-to-use RouteSavvy Home Delivery Routing Software. RouteSavvy lets distilleries, breweries, and liquor stores implement a home delivery business at the lowest cost possible. Plug in the day’s delivery addresses, hit the “optimize” button, and RouteSavvy will generate the most efficient route, reducing miles driven, fuel costs, labor costs for drivers paid by time or mileage. Free training from friendly U.S.-based customer support specialists.

Design by CF Napa


Concha y Toro came to CF Napa to design its new Scotch brand inspired by The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, a charity event in which participants don their finest suits and ride vintage motorcycles. The package design was created to emulate this juxtaposition. A classic set of wings were drawn and embellished in gold foil as the main icon. The sharp type of the wordmark is softened by the accompanying script, filigree and gold foil adornments. CF Napa Brand Design specializes in strategic brand solutions for the alcohol beverage industry.

Seguin Moreau tank staves


Joining untoasted chips in Seguin Moreau’s Exception range, these tank staves highlight the fruit, increasing richness and complexity without oaky aromas. The entire range is a very precise selection of the best French oak and has shown good results in balancing out guaiacol (smoke molecules) impact. In particular, the 18mm staves lend sweetness, volume and length.