Brew Pipeline, a direct-access platform between craft beverage producers and new markets, announced today its partnership with Proof Artisan Distillers. Glen Fargo American Malt Whiskey (single malt whiskey), Crooked Furrow (four year bourbon) and Harvest Blend (two year bourbon) will join the Portfolio program. This marks the first time that a craft spirit will join Brew Pipeline’s Portfolio. All three spirits are available nationwide, excluding ND and AZ, for year-round distribution.
Brothers Joel and Jay Kath are the founders and distillers at Proof Artisan Distillers – awarded with more than 30 awards at national competitions since 2015. All spirits are produced from locally sourced grains entirely on site in their historic downtown Fargo, North Dakota distillery. Using traditional small batch distillation methods, quality is tasted in every batch and every barrel.
“We’re very excited to be teamed with Brew Pipeline for this launch across the country,” says Joel Kath, president of Proof Artisan Distillers. “This is more than just a national launch of our craft method whiskies, but it’s also Brew Pipeline’s inaugural launch of any distilled spirit. I am deeply honored that our spirits are the first to join the Brew Pipeline Portfolio program. Cheers!”
Available in 750ml bottles, the suggested retail selling price will range from $39 to $79 depending on the aging required in each product and individual retail location. Product specs include:
* Glen Fargo American Malt Whiskey ™
   * Single malt whiskey
   * Subtle sweet notes of caramel and vanilla with mild finish
   * Double barreled – initially in new American oak barrels; finished in used bourbon barrels
   * ABV 92 proof, 46 abv
* Crooked Furrow ™ Bourbon Whiskey
   * Four year bourbon
   * Bold and Crisp with Full-bodied finish – never chill filtered
   * Double barreled – initially in new American oak barrels; final conditioned in used bourbon and malt whiskey barrels for additional nuance and character
   * ABV 92 proof, 46 abv
* Harvest Blend by Crooked Furrow ™
   * Two year bourbon blend
   * Balanced blend of citrus and dried fruits and caramel brown sugar
   * ABV 80 proof, 40 abv
For more information regarding distribution and retail, please email
About Brew Pipeline: 
Led by industry veterans, Brew Pipeline is the first direct-access platform between the best craft brewers and new markets across the nation. Forward-thinking initiatives including Portfolio, Collab, and Guest Brewer provide a number of opportunities to connect brewers to new markets, retailers and consumers. As a one-stop solution for all logistics beyond the brewers’ dock, Brew Pipeline handles everything from marketing and promotions to order harvesting, registrations and chain communications. Additionally, they provide resources that build brewers brands, expand distributor portfolios, adding true incremental dollars to both breweries and distributors alike. For more information, visit and follow on social media @brewpipline and @guestbrewer.
About Proof Artisan Distillers: 
Proof Artisan Distillers resides in a historic building previously occupied by Fargo’s Municipal Court.  A beautiful 25’ copper still, ‘The Judge’, is located near the original Judge’s Chambers. A massive bar, dating back to the 1890’s, ordains the Tasting Room and proudly serves as the showcase to Proof Mixology. Volunteer friends of Proof, affectionately known as ‘the minions’, retrieved the bar from its prior home one day before the building was demolished. With sincere appreciation, Minions Gin, is named in their honor.
Master distiller, Jay Kath, has an unequaled pallet and an amazing talent for crafting spirits. Brothers, Jay & Joel, share their passion by fostering uncompromising standards. Quality is assured through every step: grain source, mash, ferment, distillation, barrel specifications, whiskey cellar maturation, final barrel conditioning and bottling. Each and every drop is produced on site.

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