That old drinking tequila with salt and lemon habit is about to change. Produced in partnership with brazilian bartender Leandro Martins, Quetzalli premixed cocktail recipe contains passion fruit, lemon, agave syrup and tequila from province of Jalisco (Mexico) and arrives as an alternative for those who want a new, quickly cocktail experience, ready to consumption.

The product is the first in the brazilian domestic market. In order to find special material designed in this bottle, partners Mariana Migliano and Ken Komiya traveled to Mexico with Clayton Szcech, the first no-mexican tequila expert in the world. He endorsed the quality brought here, prepared in a mexican farm that respects the traditional method of tequila production.

Agave syrup plays a key role in this pleasant taste, since it is a natural sweetener with lower glycemic index than other options widely used in the manufacture of premixed cocktails such as white sugar. Moreover, nothing in the production of this recipe has stabilizers, dyes or conservants. Everything is natural, gluten-free and vegan. “Our goal is to change the way brazilians consume tequila. We want to end this stigma that tequila is bad and can only be consumed in shots”, says Mariana Migliano, brand creator.

How to drink
With no conservants, coloring or chemical additives, Quetzalli is a high-end premixed cocktail and can be drank anywhere, any way you want, nit or on rocks. The taste is so incredible and natural that can be used also as a side ingredient to create unique cocktails that surprise even the most critical palate.

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