Outlook is Rosier in 2021 with a New Addition to Portfolio in a Fitting Hue  

Lake Bluff, IL, January 2021Let the countdown begin! Wine lovers will no longer have to choose between Prosecco’s effervescent bubbles and the charming pink hues and fruity flavors of Rosé. The best of both worlds will beautifully co-exist in one bottle when Prosecco Rosé DOC makes its official debut on January 1, 2021. Esteemed Prosecco producer Riondo will usher in this new era of “Pink Prosecco” with Riondo Prosecco Rosé 2020 DOC.

Italy’s Prosecco region certainly has a long history of producing sparkling rosé; however, these pink wines were not authorized to carry the name Prosecco on the bottle. In 2020, the Prosecco Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC) consortium approved a long-debated proposal to permit the region’s sparkling rosé wines, if they meet specific criteria, to bear the prestigious and globally recognized Prosecco DOC designation.

As mandated by consortium regulations, Riondo Prosecco Rosé DOC is vintage-dated. The debut vintage is crafted from 90% Glera and 10% Pinot Noir. After a cold maceration, the grapes underwent primary fermentation at a controlled temperature. Secondary fermentation occurred in stainless steel pressurized tanks for two months, which meets the requirement for a 60-day-vinification in a vat for Prosecco Rosé DOC.

A delicate yet eye-catching shade of pale pink, Riondo Prosecco Rosé 2020 DOC is fresh and creamy with floral rose and violet scents. Pinot Noir’s fruity notes of raspberry blend harmoniously with juicy notes of peach and crisp Golden Delicious apple typical of the region’s indigenous Glera grape. Produced in a refreshing Extra-Dry style with an ABV of 11%, Riondo Prosecco Rosé 2020 DOC is an ideal aperitif.

Holding more than 14,800 acres of vineyards, Riondo is named for nearby Mount Riondo and is an undisputed leader of viticulture in the Veneto. Specializing in producing Charmat method DOC sparkling wines, Riondo Prosecco Rosé 2020 DOC continues their tradition of crafting Prosecco that embraces Italy’s sparkling spirit.



Riondo, named for nearby Mount Riondo, is the Collis-Riondo brand dedicated to Charmat method DOC sparkling wines.  An undisputed leader of viticulture in the Veneto region with over 14,800 acres of vineyards, Riondo specializes in super-premium sparkling wines. Riondo Spumante Prosecco is a full-sparkling, extra dry prosecco. This traditional prosecco balances acidity, softness, structure, and bubbles making it a perfect aperitif.



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