SakéOne Unveils Two New Canned Saké Products: Yomi and Momokawa

Innovative new items are first widely available premium saké in convenient, go-anywhere 250ml slim cans


Forest Grove, OR (February 18, 2019) SakéOne, the country’s foremost premium saké brewer and importer of fine Japanese saké, announces the release of its inaugural Oregon-brewed canned saké, Yomi and Momokawa. Available for purchase in Oregon, Washington and California in March, both are expected to expand nationally later this spring. These two products will join SakéOne’s premium Oregon Craft saké portfolio alongside bottles of g, Momokawa, and Moonstone.

Inspired by the impressive growth of craft beer and premium wine in cans, SakéOne sees tremendous potential to make saké more approachable, convenient and eco-friendly with this new format. The 250ml recyclable aluminum slim cans have a pop-top lid (the same as soda cans and canned wine/beer products) and eye-catching designs meant to grab consumers’ attention on the retail shelf.

Yomi is a new concept created by SakéOne specifically for canned saké. It is wrapped with a white label featuring a striking image of a Japanese mask inspired by mythology and brought to life by a local Portland designer originally from the Aomori Prefecture of Japan. According to Shinto mythology, Yomi means “World of Darkness” or “an Afterlife” where one goes after death. This story inspired the company to create a saké meant to be consumed in our daily “world of darkness” at the end of each day.

The Momokawa offering represents the newest line extension from SakéOne’s pioneering flagship brand. Created by in-house designers, the design features a white canvas with stylized blue accents inspired by an avant-garde form of calligraphy known as zeneisho and the abstract expressionist style of Jackson Pollock.

“While both offerings feature eye-catching art on the outside, the true art is on the inside” said President and CEO Steve Vuylsteke. “Brewmaster Takumi Kuwabara and his team have been working tirelessly to craft the ideal style for each of our new canned sakés. Our hope is that the convenient, eye-catching cans appeal to both newcomers and devoted saké drinkers. We wanted to create something new, different and approachable in a format with which consumers are already very comfortable.”

Both Yomi and Momokawa are Junmai Ginjo, or super premium level saké made with no distilled alcohol added. They are crafted using premium Sacramento Valley rice milled to 58% of its original size. Removing the outer impurities of the rice grain and focusing on the ideal starch found within each grain results in clean, fruity and floral aromatics. Pristine, abundant Willamette Valley water utilized in the production process is essential to revealing and retaining fruity “ginjo” characteristics. Both products are sulfite-free, gluten-free, vegan and kosher.

Yomi is fruity, refreshing and subtly sweet. It features light notes of red berries, cherry, guava, and mochi with hints of tropical fruit, melon, and grapes. It has an ABV of 13% and pairs with light and medium flavored foods like sushi, street tacos and poke bowls.

Momokawa is a medium-dry saké with a balance of soft water notes and flavors of apple and pear, with melon and mild anise on the nose. It is fuller-bodied and made in a slightly drier, more traditional style than Yomi. It has an ABV of 14% and displays the hallmark aromas and flavors fans of Momokawa saké will recognize immediately. Pair it with medium and full-flavored foods like burgers, pizza, spicy Mexican food and hot dogs.

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About SakéOne

SakéOne is America’s first craft saké producer and complements its own fine products with a growing portfolio of fine Japanese saké imports. Its Oregon Craft saké brands Momokawa, Moonstone, g and Yomi are joined by import brands Hakutsuru, Kasumi Tsuru, Kibo, Murai Family, SakéMoto, Tombo and Yoshinogawa. A leader committed to saké education at the wholesale, retail and consumer levels, SakéOne is focused on expanding the enjoyment of premium saké in the United States. For more information, visit SakéOne’s website at

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