FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                       2018 April 17


San Francisco-based “California Fernet” wins Gold at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition

San Francisco, CA—In a city renowned globally for its love of consuming fernet, a new hometown player has now made its mark with a 2018 Gold Medal from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Handmade from more than two-dozen premium botanicals, “California Fernet,” from San Francisco-based Geijer Spirits (, took home the gold medal at the prestigious competition during only its first year of release.

“To be recognized in San Francisco, of all cities, for a fernet, is incredibly humbling,” says founder Martin Geijer. “Of all places one would look for discriminating audience for such a spirit, San Francisco is definitely in the top. We could not be more proud to be a part of this landscape!”

The Gold medal award criteria are described as follows by the San Francisco World Spirit Competition: “Products awarded a Gold medal are exceptional. They are near the pinnacle of achievement in their particular category. They are products that set the standard for all others of their type.”


About Geijer Spirits Inc.

Geijer Spirits is a San Francisco-based beverage company producing hand-crafted spirits under the “California” brand. The company currently produces California Fernet, California Aqua Vitae, California Orange Liqueur, California Spiced Liqueur and California Glögg Liqueur.

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