SAN FRANCISCO (August 25, 2020) — San Francisco Distilling Company announces the launch of Forty Nine Mile Straight Bourbon Whiskey. After seven years in the barrel, Forty Nine Mile Straight Bourbon Whiskey is available in California with further expansion in 2020 and onward.

San Francisco Distilling Company’s initial release combines the traditions of a Kentucky bourbon with strong California influence by aging seven years in the rolling hills and fog of the northern California coast. This super-premium high rye bourbon aged in new American oak barrels is composed of 21% malted rye for a distinct twist on a timeless recipe.

Forty Nine Mile Bourbon starts with a nose of rich vanilla and charred oak. With a medium to deep amber color, Forty Nine Mile Bourbon has hints of sweetness and full-bodied butterscotch with bursts of citrus. The finish is long, rich, and robust after many years in the barrel. 

Available in 750ml bottles at 90 proof, Forty Nine Mile Bourbon’s flavor undeniably shines neat with a few drops of water or in a classic, spirit-forward cocktail. 

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San Francisco Distilling Company is the producer of Forty Nine Mile Bourbon. Additional information about the spirits producer can be found at San Francisco Distilling Company will produce additional products in the near future. 

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