The innovative Chrome extension uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide users with personalized wine recommendations that continually evolves with their tastes.

WASHINGTON, DC — Sippd, the personal wine-recommender that identifies the best wines for the best prices during your online wine shopping experience, announces its launch on July 20, 2020. The Sippd Chrome extension is the first installment in the company’s initiative to create the most customer-centric, powerful solution to shop for wines with confidence. By providing users with personalized wine scores and notifications when prices drop on their wishlisted bottles, Sippd offers data for consumers to predict the best wines for their tastes before they’ve ever tried them.

With more than 70,000 new wines coming to market each year, consumers are overwhelmed with options leaving a world of incredible wines that consumers don’t have the opportunity to discover. The technology, branded Taste Match, provides the most accurate ranking for a user’s personal affinity to various wines, surpassing the accuracy of wine critic scores and community reviews, which doesn’t account for a consumer’s personal tastes or budget.
Using AI and machine learning, the technology behind Sippd provides personalized wine recommendations by amalgamating ratings for an accurate ranking of personal affinity to various wines. Recommendations continually evolve with the consumer’s palate, allowing for seamless, effortless and confident wine orders for an individualized, hyper-personalized experience.
Sippd currently connects to to provide personal Taste Match scores to more than 40,000 wines. The personalized Taste Match indicates how much an individual will enjoy each wine— the higher the score, the closer to preference. Sippd is also working to expand integration onto other online wine retailers and same-day delivery sites, like Drizly.
By leveraging your history of wine orders and ratings to refine the taste profile, Sippd improves the overall wine purchasing experience while providing unbiased ratings and tasting notes. Sippd also provides users with food pairings for each wine so you can pick the right bottle for the occasion as well as for your tastes and budget. If consumers are not ready to buy the bottle just yet, users can add to their Wishlist and be notified when the bottles go on sale, ensuring they secure the best deal every time. Users can also keep track of all of the wines they’ve ordered and rated right on their Profile with their personal wine list, allowing for a quick recap of their favorite bottles and an easy reorder of their top Taste Matches.
Sippd’s customer-centric platform significantly reduces the complexity of shopping for wine online by providing an effortless, personalized journey to users exploring the world of wine. To see how the Sippd extension works, please view the release video here. Raise a glass to the new way to experience wine and install Sippd on your desktop here.

About Sippd
Sippd empowers people to focus on enjoying their wine, not ordering it. Find the perfect wines for your taste, everywhere, every time. Combining artificial intelligence and wine, Sippd helps wine lovers find and order wines that match their tastes. With our AI-powered Taste Match capabilities, we’re able to provide you with personalized wine recommendations that continually evolves with your tastes, so you can effortlessly order the perfect bottle every time. Stop wasting your money on bottles you don’t like and instead, simplify and transform your online wine experience with Sippd, the digital sommelier that knows your palate. The Sippd extension is available for install prior to nationwide release on the Chrome Store here. For more information, visit

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