The Sangiacomo Family spring release offer typically begins on April 1st each year. Delayed by the unforeseen circumstances, the relentless requests from their devoted mailing list let them know that the time had come to share their newest wines.

Sangiacomo Family Wines portfolio showcases the fruit from estate vineyards they have been harvesting for over 50 years. With captivating flavors and endearing backstories, these 4 new release wines include two wines from their Sonoma Coast Appellation Series, a 2018 Sonoma Coast Chardonnay and 2018 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir, along with two bottles from their Legacy Series, the 2018 Four Siblings Chardonnay and the 2017 ViMaria Pinot Noir. The Appellation Series wines capture the exceptional cool-climate sites that the family farms in Carneros, Petaluma Gap and the Sonoma Coast. Inspired by a desire to express true varietal character and terroir, individual barrel selections from several estate vineyards are blended together with thoughtful attention. The commemorative Legacy Series wines represent the very best their vineyards have to offer. Deeply rooted in tradition, each wine is crafted to honor a generation of the Sangiacomo family.

The 2018 Four Siblings Chardonnay pays tribute to the second generation family members, who made the leap to grapegrowing in 1969 and planted the family’s first vineyard, Green Acres. These 50 year old vines are the source of this Chardonnay, which showcases the exceptional terroir of the site and tradition of the family.

The 2017 ViMaria, a passionate and dramatic Pinot Noir crafted from a hand-picked selection of their finest four barrels, is a tribute to grandparents, Vittorio and Maria Sangiacomo, who set down roots in Sonoma Valley in 1927.

More on the Spring Release wines below:

  • 2018 Four Siblings Chardonnay – Fresh citrus aromas of orange blossom, lemon zest and quince combine with the earthy petrichor, the smell of the first rain on warm, dry soil. The lingering finish is zippy and bright, with a refreshing sensation of morning ocean fog minerality.
  • 2018 Sonoma Coast Chardonnay – Aromas of baked apple and pear crisp with layers of nutmeg and chai mingle with fresh white rose petal, quince and a touch of sexy French oak. Bright yet weighty with a rich mid-palate, this chardonnay boasts a delicious richness of Tarte Tatin caramelized apple flavors and fresh citrus peel balanced by a crisp and clean finish.
  • 2018 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir – Boldly expressive, this medium-bodied Pinot weaves smashed cherries, blackberry and black plum flavors over a backbone of integrated wood tannin and cinnamon stick. Intense aromas of fresh cherries, red plum, and holiday spice evoke a feeling of warmth and coziness. Well-balanced acidity is bright and juicy, with a persistent finish.
  • 2017 ViMaria Pinot Noir – Expressive and appealing; this full-bodied wine packs a punch! It captures a signature style of fruit, floral, earth, and spice. The fragrant aromatics are bursting with dark berries and plum, crushed cherries and raspberry with hints of holiday spice. The richly layered mid-palate offers creaminess and fine-grain tannins with an intriguingly long finish.

Farmers in Sonoma since 1927, with over 50 years of grapegrowing experience, the Sangiacomo Family brings unparalleled knowledge and expertise to each and every bottle of wine. In addition to handcrafting artisanal wines with veteran winemaker, James MacPhail, they continue to grow and sell world-class grapes to over 60 premium wineries from 1,600 acres of beloved estate vineyards in Carneros, Petaluma Gap, Napa Valley, and Sonoma Coast. Now led by the third generation, devoted caretakers of the land, each of the Sangiacomo Family Wines premium vintages are a compliment to family heritage; shining a light on Sonoma history, terroir and meticulously harvested fruit.



Sangiacomo Family Wines, launched in 2016, celebrates the family’s heritage as grapegrowing pioneers in Sonoma dating back to 1969.  Made from 100% certified sustainable grapes from the family’s vineyards, these artisanal wines showcase cool-climate Sonoma Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and iconic Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. Third generation farmers, the Sangiacomo family has farmed in Sonoma since 1927. With over 50 years of grapegrowing experience, they bring unparalleled knowledge and expertise to each and every bottle of wine. Today in addition to making handcrafted wine, they continue to grow and sell world-class grapes to over 60 premium wineries from 1,600 acres of estate vineyards in Carneros, Petaluma Gap, Napa Valley, and Sonoma Coast. Every sip of Sangiacomo Family Wine is a toast to Sonoma!

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