Southern California company helps small businesses market, warehouse and ship bottled alcohol as stay-at-home orders prevail across many states.

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (May 11th, 2020): During a strange time throughout the world, we naturally gravitate to the biggest comforts in life. For many Americans, this is a smooth glass of whiskey, sipping on red wine or a stirred cocktail. Speakeasy Co. connects local alcohol brands around the country by providing its partners with warehousing, e-commerce website integrations and fulfillment. With in-store accessibility being profoundly limited, Speakeasy offers alcohol brands, including distilleries, wineries and breweries the solution of shipping directly to a doorstep. As a Speakeasy partner, customers can shop local from anywhere in the country with businesses receiving $100 off the first monthly subscription. 

Speakeasy Co., headquartered in San Diego, CA, was first launched in 2015 as a craft cocktail subscription box service, but has always highlighted the importance of the true main ingredient. Distilleries quickly educated Speakeasy on the challenges of the three-tier system and how their growth was significantly hindered, especially as online alcohol sales increased, but most alcohol company’s means of distributing product was minimal and limited.

“By challenging ourselves to think of creative solutions to fuel growth, continuing to learn and innovate, Speakeasy eventually pivoted to the direct-to-consumer platform that we offer today,” explained Josh Jacobs, Founder and CEO. He continues, “We launched the first partner on the platform in February 2018. Our current mission is to empower brands to own their own growth and provide an unparalleled opportunity to scale their business while remaining three-tier compliant.”

Currently with on-premise shutdowns of many locations, Speakeasy hopes to be a lifeline to partners to bridge the gap back to normalcy. As all companies, Speakeasy is taking every precaution by following strict social distancing, as well as mask and glove protection mandates. With Speakeasy, there will be no disruptions to services and are happy to help every partner navigate these trying times. 

When a partner first joins Speakeasy, a brand is configured with a shopping cart that seamlessly integrates within their website for customers to checkout as if purchasing directly from the brand. The company then has access to all of the tools, capabilities, and analytics of selling direct-to-consumer, as if the shopping cart was truly an extension of their site. Speakeasy also provides website setup and design for companies looking to maximize their services. While appearing native to a brand’s website, the finances will always flow through three-tiers to ensure compliance at every level. The Speakeasy Co. customer service team then ensures orders arrive safe and sound at front doors across the country. 

Speakeasy is based in sunny San Diego where all orders are currently being monitored. Visit the Speakeasy Co. website ( for more information on how to become a partner and for all services offered. Speakeasy is brewing up an exciting expansion of services planned to launch Summer 2020 to continue to help those small businesses, so stay tuned for more company news and updates!

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