Small Acts of Kindness and Decades of Experience Help Navigate Current Climate

West Palm Beach, FL (April 28, 2020) – While some are predicting a spirits industry shake-up, Paradise Brands, based in West Palm Beach, Florida, is just getting started. The new company, responsible for marketing and managing award-winning spirits like Monkey in Paradise Vodka, formed right before COVID-19 became widespread. Paradise Brands is led by former spirits execs from Proximo, Sidney Frank, William Grant & Sons, and Clyde May’s Whiskey, and plans to draw on its leadership’s depth of industry knowledge to help navigate through this pandemic.

“There is no blueprint for these unprecedented times, and as a new company we don’t have millions to donate to trade initiatives, but what we do have is experience,” said Patrick McGeeney, CEO/CFO of Paradise Brands. “We know that in difficult times you need to roll up your sleeves and take a creative approach in order to not only survive but thrive.”

Several key initiatives the company has taken on since forming include turning on-premise team members into off-premise support. Paradise Brands’ staff is helping retailers wherever they could use an extra set of hands – from carrying inventory to rolling in shopping carts. They’ve also provided hand sanitizer, made from Monkey in Paradise production, to distributor partners and city organizations. In addition to helping those who are still working, the team has focused on donating meals and gift cards to hospitality workers who have been furloughed or let go.

“Our goal is to be helpful and proactive,” said National Sales Manager/Exec VP Frank Sacca. “The off-premise is overwhelmed right now, so we’re going into key accounts to check if product needs to be reordered ourselves and seeing how we can assist.”

As the company looks toward the future, the leadership team feels Monkey in Paradise Vodka is positioned well for success. The vodka, which recently underwent a rebrand, has a brightly colored package, a fun-loving monkey mascot, and an uplifting outlook that paradise is really a state of mind.

“Yes, it’s seven times distilled and keto-friendly but right now I’m most excited about the fact that Monkey in Paradise is a brand that puts a smile on people’s faces and reminds them of past vacations and travel,” said Chief Marketing Consultant Peter Pace who has helped build leading brands like Grey Goose Vodka and Jägermeister.

As the marketplace comes back, Paradise Brands will look to build its portfolio with spirits in fast-growing categories and continue to carve out its spot in the industry.

About Paradise Brands LLC

Based in West Palm Beach, Florida, Paradise Brands markets and manages award-winning spirits like Monkey in Paradise Vodka. To learn more about Paradise Brands and Monkey in Paradise Vodka visit

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