PORT WASHINGTON, Wisc. – September 11, 2018 – Miss Mary’s, the hottest Bloody Mary mix of 2018, is breaking the mold. As a cocktail that’s been celebrated as the go-to hangover remedy or the must-have staple at the weekend brunch, this one-of-a-kind Bloody Mary mix is made with a secret recipe of fresh herbs and spices – not thick tomato juice, tomato purees or gummy pastes.

Miss Mary’s is quickly gaining recognition as a more refreshing – and less filling – Bloody Mary cocktail. After launching with wide distribution in Wisconsin and Minnesota in May 2013, the mix is rapidly expanding to new markets across the U.S. Miss Mary’s is currently available in Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Kansas. The mix will expand to Nashville, across Texas and in Target stores across Michigan and Illinois Fall 2018. Miss Mary’s will also be launched in select Walmart stores February 2019.

“The biggest complaint people have with Bloody Mary’s is that they get too full after just one,” said Ryan Timm, Founder and CEO of Miss Mary’s Mix, Inc. “We want people to have a better experience when it comes to Bloodies and enjoy them all day, any time of day.”

The mix is packed full of smooth yet subtle flavor but doesn’t fill up the consumer after a single serving. Bloody Mary drinkers can choose between three Miss Mary’s recipes: Original, Bold & Spicy and Thick & Savory. The Original morning elixir is smooth and refreshing while the Bold & Spicy packs an extra kick. For those looking for a more indulgent blend, the new Thick & Savory mix is the perfect fix. The premium mixes are free of any allergens, gluten, high fructose corn syrup and MSG.

Straight from its 32-ounce bottle, every Miss Mary’s mix pours beautifully over ice, with its minced garlic and onion mingling with the herbs and tomato spices. Any variety of liquor will help deliver on the promise of a tasty Bloody Mary. When a mix can marry so nicely with vodka, tequila, white whiskey or gin, the cocktail’s diversity makes it perfect for nearly any occasion.

Miss Mary’s was founded in 2013 by Timm during his time as the general manager of a golf course in Prescott, Wisconsin. When a bartender with a secret Bloody Mary recipe left the golf course, Timm took up the task of building a new blend from scratch. After perfecting many rounds of batches, Miss Mary’s mix was born. “People would come in asking for bottles of the mix to take home with them for entertaining,” said Timm. Soon after, the first bottles of Miss Mary’s were sold at a quaint grocery store in Prescott, then quickly spread across the area. The rest is history.

Miss Mary’s mixes are continuously being added to shelves at stores and bars across the country. Currently, Miss Mary’s elixirs can be found in hundreds of popular grocery chains in Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska. Chains carrying the mix include Target, Meijer, Pick N Save, Festival, Woodman’s, Total Wine, Cub Foods, Hy-Vee and Haskell’s Wine and Spirits.

About Miss Mary’s
Founded in 2013, Miss Mary’s bottles a secret mix of fresh herbs and spices without tomato juice or paste to create a unique Bloody Mary mix that isn’t heavy or dense. It’s also free of Gluten, MSG and High Fructose Corn Syrup. Created by a bartender for any bartender, Miss Mary’s crafts the perfect cocktail with every pour. Miss Mary’s can be found in select stores across the U.S. To learn more, visit MissMarysMix.com.


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