While Cariñena is known for Garnacha, which continues to be an increasingly celebrated variety on the world stage, this holiday we want to remind you about the region’s namesake grape. Cariñena (also known as Carignan) is affectionately referred to in the region as 3C: the name of the grape, the Spanish town it hails from, and the surrounding appellation where it’s cultivated. The wines it produces are red-fruit driven and earthy offering rich acidity, body, and alcohol. They are also light on tannins, which makes them the ideal companions for the winter season and holiday gifting. There’s a lot about these wines to love, and three selections to try that showcase the best of Cariñena include:

Because of Cariñena’s aromatic and flavor profile, the wines are also a great pairing for traditional holiday dishes like turkey, cranberry-based sauces, butternut squash and more. Check out our website for a new original recipe that’s a favorite in the region – Chicken Chilindron. To learn more about D.O.P Cariñena, visit http://wineregiontowatch.com.

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