Rachel Anderson

Ron Gamer founded Minneapolis-based Gamer Packaging in 1987, with the goal of creating custom packaging solutions that give customers an edge in the marketplace. To reach this goal, the company fostered relationships with manufacturers worldwide. Today, it’s run by Ron’s son and daughter-in-law, Kenny and Paula Gamer, with the same fundamentals in mind. Its offices span the nation and it works with production facilities across the globe.

“It all started with beer,” says Rachel Anderson, executive director of strategy and emerging markets.

The company now has a specific team that works with stand-alone distilleries. Regardless of beverage type, it offers bottles, closures, carriers, wraps, aluminum cans and bottles, decorating options, and more to ensure the end results stand out.

Jackie Smith

“We’re a boutique packaging operation,” says Jackie Smith, national sales manager, spirits. “Our focus is on custom options, which always goes back to our strong manufacturer relationships.”

“The focus is on bringing our customer’s vision to life,” says Anderson. “We’re a full-service partner for them. They don’t have to go to six different suppliers because we handle it for them.” This can mean using molds or decorations to customize stock bottles, or refreshing a look with closures or boxed packaging.

“One example is a customer with a highly decorated bottle across multiple SKUs,” says Smith. “We worked with their production staff and branding/marketing agency to get everything right. It came out beautifully, and it was great to work with all the necessary parties. Everyone came together with Gamer facilitating the process.

“We’re proud of our constant effort to improve existing and establish new manufacturer relationships to ensure we’re current in our capacity to offer different factory options,” she adds. “We’re a nimble team that helps put our customers’ vision on the shelf.”