Malloy Imrie & Vasconi Insurance Services’ history dates back to 1890, when A.H. Smith Company was formed in California’s Napa Valley. Over time, agencies around the valley came together (including Mayfield Agency, Malloy Agency, Vasconi Agency, and Phil Harris Agency), eventually forming MIV in 1999. Today, it has offices in downtown Napa and nearby St. Helena, with about 45 employees total.

MIV Partners: Front (l-r): Ted Bystrowski, Tim Malloy, David Capponi; Back (l-r): Kent Imrie, John Imrie, Joe Burger

“We’ve seen steady growth over the last 15 to 20 years,” says David Capponi, associate in risk management. The company serves the wine, beer, and spirits industries in almost every state in the nation, but has a unique viewpoint, he explains, because almost all of its employees are from the Napa area and “they’ve worked in, still work in, or have family that works in the wine industry in one capacity or another.”

The company offers a full range of services including insurance, liability, vehicles and delivery, loss control, health benefits, and more. Its California Vintners and Growers Safety Association formed in 2004, providing safety training to employees that, ultimately, results in lower workers’ compensation costs.

Most recently, MIV expanded its Napa office space as well as its focus on loss control. “The insurance market has become tight regarding any facility exposed to wildfire in any way,” says Capponi. “Our focus in this area is on prevention, defensible space, and better serving clients located in fire-prone areas.” Capponi brings a unique view to the firm in this regard, as he’s been a volunteer member of the St. Helena Fire Department for 18 years, during which time he’s fought wildfires all over the Napa Valley and the state.

“Thank you to everyone who voted,” he says. “We appreciate all our clients, as they’re such an important part of what we do and we’re glad to be an important part of what they do, too.”