2020 Best Compliance Specialist: Sovos ShipCompliant’sw Alex Koral

The complicated world of direct-to-consumer (DtC) alcohol beverage shipping compliance is made easier with Sovos ShipCompliant. TaxWare, founded in 1979, began with a focus on tax compliance and was eventually renamed Sovos. In 2015, Sovos acquired ShipCompliant (founded in 2000 for DtC wine shipping compliance). Today, Sovos ShipCompliant is a one-stop shop for tax and shipping compliance for the alcohol beverage and related industries.

“A lot of alcohol beverage producers have relied on in-house compliance solutions,” says Alex Koral, senior regulatory counsel. “What we offer is a universal software solution coupled with decades of experience.”

While Sovos ShipCompliant currently offers the widest range of capabilities to the wine industry, it’s working on improving and expanding its solutions for beer, spirits, and cider. “We want to support those industries as they grow,” says Koral. “We’ve supported three-tier registrations and reporting for beer and spirits suppliers for a decade, and want to add DtC capabilities for them as states change their rules.”

The company also produces the annual Direct-to-Consumer Wine Shipping Report, downloadable for free from its website. “It’s the most accurate representation of DtC shipping available,” says Koral. It’s also working to further develop relationships with integrated partners within the industry, including delivery and retail outlets. “Our offerings can help manage the entire experience, including tracking shipments. We strive to be a source of excellence for the industry,” he adds.