Talk to Sue Lamar and Jay Langejans of equipment manufacturer Fogg Filler, and it’s no surprise why the company is well known and well respected.

2020 Best Large Machines/Equipment: Fogg Filler

“It’s the way people look at our products at trade shows,” says Langejans, Fogg’s wine and spirits sales subject matter expert. “Here’s a very large piece of equipment, it’s all stainless steel, and it’s polished and easy to identify. Most people look at it in awe. The way it looks says a lot about the care and time and effort we put into our products.”

Hence, Fogg’s 66 years in business designing and manufacturing rotary filling, rinsing, capping, and enclosure systems for beverage companies around the world. Today, Ben Fogg, the grandson of founder Clyde Fogg, is the family’s third generation to own and run the company.

That has evolved into a product line of filling equipment with speeds from 30 to 1,200 bottles per minute, with easy change over for versatility of multiple bottles, caps, and products. Says Langejans: “Reducing proof loss, accurate fill levels, and the ability to run glass with ease really sets Fogg apart in the spirits industry.”

Those 66 years in business, he says, helps to explain why repeat customers account for 70 percent of Fogg’s business.

“It’s not just our equipment that keeps customers coming back, it is a team effort of 24 hour service, and a parts inventory that is ready to ship when you need it.,” says Langejeans.