SONOMA, California (February 26, 2020) — 3 Badge Beverage Corporation is entering the growing craft whiskey category with the introduction of Benjamin Chapman, a premium small-batch whiskey distilled in Canada, releasing across the United States, Canada and Europe this week. Ideal as a craft cocktail base or for sipping on the rocks, Benjamin Chapman 7-Year Whiskey pays homage to 1960s sophistication and the refined aesthetic of the era while answering today’s growing international demand for premium whiskey — a category that has seen a 7.6 percent increase in sales since 2018.

“We have been painstaking in our mission to offer an authentic, versatile whiskey that is exceptional in quality with an intangible element of intrigue,” noted August Sebastiani, president of 3 Badge Beverage Corporation “Like the mysterious man for whom it’s named, it’s smooth, in every way.”

Benjamin Chapman (SRP $39/750ml; 45 percent ABV) is a blend of 51 percent 10-year Canadian rye and 49 percent 7-year Canadian prairie wheat. The rye is distilled by artisans in an old-fashioned pot still using pure glacial water sourced from the northern Rockies, resulting in a clean, complex profile. Aged in white oak casks for just over 10 years, an optimum level of char adds complex layers of vanilla and spice. The Canadian prairie wheat is distilled in continuous triple column stills and aged for a minimum of seven years in American oak whiskey barrels for a rich, bold style. The rye and wheat are then blended, resulting in a distinctive, sophisticated small-batch whiskey perfect for savoring neat or enhanced with fresh ingredients in a cocktail.
While cinnamon and vanilla spice aromas lead the way, subtle layers of caramel apple, dark chocolate and maple syrup add intriguing complexity. The rye offers hints of spice, balancing silky flavors of white chocolate and crème brûlée from the wheat. An invitingly smooth sipper, the whiskey’s finish is marked by a crescendo of peppery spice with lingering flavors of toasted oak.

Benjamin Chapman 7-Year Whiskey was inspired by an enigmatic figure from the 1960s international jet set era. Elusive as he was respected among the international cognoscenti, Benjamin Chapman became legendary for his refined tastes and preference for the finer things. This classically crafted whiskey is a tribute to his legacy.

Nostalgic in its design, the diamond faceted bottle evokes the elegant crystal tumblers often used in Benjamin Chapman’s era for classic whiskey cocktails. A prominent “BC” signature is etched on the bar top as a playful nod to the inscription he is said to have left behind on his hotel receipts and restaurant bills. The label’s subtle textured lines conjure the fashionable tweed suits of the early 1960s, while the gold foil motif represents the traditional gold cuff links and men’s jewelry often worn in that era. An intricate diamond pattern lays vertically over a brilliant emerald green, recalling a silk tie motif popular in Benjamin Chapman’s day.

With its “Smooth, in Every Sense” tagline, Benjamin Chapman Whiskey offers the same mystery, luxury, and sophistication as the stylish man for whom it’s named. For more information about 3 Badge Beverage Corporation and where to buy Benjamin Chapman Whiskey, please visit

About 3 Badge Beverage Corporation
Founded in 2009, 3 Badge Beverage Corporation represents an innovative portfolio of terroir-driven wines and craft spirits from around the globe. Headquartered out of a historic, refurbished fire station in Sonoma, California, 3 Badge is led by fourth-generation vintner August Sebastiani. Named for his grandfather’s volunteer firefighting service badges, 3 Badge is built upon a philosophy of exceptional craftsmanship and commitment to place. 3 Badge Mixology offers Benjamin Chapman Whiskey, La Pivón Vermouth, Uncle Val’s Handcrafted Gin, Kirk & Sweeney Rum, Pasote Tequila and Bozal Mezcal, while 3 Badge Enology includes Gehricke Wines from Sonoma and Cedar + Salmon wines from the Pacific Northwest. Additional information can be found at

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