New York, September 14, 2020 – 3×3, a marketing technology company specializing in the beverage alcohol space, is pleased to announce its latest suite of cutting-edge digital marketing tools and capabilities for brands, retailers, and independent grocers. As the beverage alcohol industry shifts towards more omnichannel sales strategies, there is a greater need for digital resources to help retailers, grocers, and marketers for wine, spirits, and beer brands navigate a COVID-impacted world with tools that can attract new customers, build loyalty, drive sales, and increase profits faster and more efficiently.

Bringing together the expertise of several alcohol and technology industry veterans, 3×3 combines receipt-level data with consumer intelligence to deliver groundbreaking insights and marketing capabilities. 3×3 offers a user-friendly and cost-efficient marketing platform with ready-to-publish digital marketing campaigns informed by hyper-localized data, making it easier to target the right audience, reach them directly, and drive them to the retailer’s door or web store. The platform also allows businesses to create custom campaigns across all major digital marketing channels. 3×3’s method measures foot traffic, not just clicks.

3×3 also provides greater visibility and digestible analysis to support businesses with local market data, such as product pricing and category trends, to help them plan sales strategies in real time. 3×3 helps interpret and use the customer data that retailers and grocers collect every day to make their stores more relevant to local consumers

“As competition with e-commerce giants and box stores increases in the beverage alcohol sector, our goal is to help level the playing field by providing independent retailers with consumer data that can help drive new customers through the door as efficiently as possible,” says 3×3 CEO Mike Provance, PhD. “We leverage proprietary, real-time receipt-level data and third-party consumer intelligence to target the right consumer, and can provide you with tools to execute successful digital marketing campaigns that can keep you ahead of your competition and deliver measurable results at the click of a button.”

Likewise, 3×3’s marketing technology provides the world’s best beverage alcohol brands – from international staples to cutting-edge craft newcomers – with an edge to stay ahead of emerging beverage trends while capturing market share away from competitors. 3×3’s predictive marketing model targets customers more likely to purchase based on the analysis of the demographic, lifestyle, and psychographic attributes of the identified primary consumers of specific products.

“Brand success in a competitive market is not just about understanding your brand, it’s about understanding competition and what influences consumers’ purchasing decisions,” says Provance. “3×3 will provide that market intelligence and analysis, and we’ll help your brand tap in to gain market share.”

For small and emerging brands, 3×3 identifies potential consumers, then builds hyper-targeted connections to those individuals through online and offline channels with the ability to track conversions of the campaign. For large brands, 3×3 increases the effectiveness and efficiency of an annual mixed marketing calendar. Using 3×3 consumer and transaction data, along with relevant 3rd party data, brands can target a determined high propensity audience, giving them the ability to expand their market to those that are most likely to show interest and actually make purchases. By targeting only likely consumers of an existing product, marketing campaigns can eliminate wasted advertising spend, and effectively drive engagement, and purchase behavior online.

Leading beverage alcohol industry organizations and conferences such as the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, Beverage Alcohol Retailers Conference, and Bar Convent have recognized the importance of versatile digital solutions at the retailer and brand level, and have identified 3×3 as one of the leading marketing technology and data insights companies to help pave a path forward for their members. This fall, 3×3 CEO Mike Provance, PhD, will be presenting 3×3’s COVID data insights and analytics for the off-premise category at the virtual 2020 Beverage Alcohol Retailers Conference on September 15, 2020 and at Bar Convent’s virtual Global Bar Week taking place from October 12-18, 2020. Register for access to Dr. Provance’s sessions at and

To learn more about 3×3 and current service offerings, please visit 3× to get in touch. To hear more about 3×3 capabilities and gain market insights, register to attend the virtual 2020 Beverage Alcohol Retailers Conference.

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3×3 is a marketing technology company that brings together the expertise of several alcohol and technology industry veterans with – a venture capital firm. 3×3 combines receipt-level transaction data from its exclusive network of retail partners with consumer intelligence to deliver groundbreaking insights and marketing capabilities that enable suppliers and retailers to launch new brands, acquire more customers and increase loyalty.

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