Bib & Tucker, 3 Badge BeverageIf you’re intrigued by August Sebastiani’s story, check out these 3 Badge Beverage Co. offerings.

Bib & Tucker Small-Batch White Whiskey

A smooth white whiskey made from a mash of 72% corn, 15% malt, and 13% rye (all grown in Kentucky). Double-distilled and given minimal barrel time, the oak it does come in contact with previously aged 6-year Bib & Tucker bourbon, a related product line. Soft and mellowed from the corn, it offers fresh grain aromas and a whiff of sourdough so delectable you’ll want to take a bite. Additional aromas and flavors of maple syrup and vanilla linger on the finish. (92 proof)

Kirk & Sweeney, 3 Badge Beverage

Kirk and Sweeney Dominican Rum

The rum comes in three age expressions, 12-year, 18-year, and 23-year. Sebastiani thinks the 18 is the best balanced, with more sweetness in the 12-year and more oak in the 23. He says Kirk and Sweeney isn’t a blending rum, though it does work as that, too. Instead, it’s intended to be enjoyed on its own, with a cigar or a cheese plate adorned in honey and nuts. Baked pineapple, molasses and dried fruit star. (80 proof)

Masterson's, 3 Badge Beverage


Masterson’s Straight Rye Whiskey

Made from 100% Canadian rye and water from the northern Rockies, this is a rich, earthy whiskey with a balance of sweetness and spice. It’s pot-distilled and aged in charred white oak casks for more than a decade. The name is inspired by Wild West gunfighter Bat Masterson who, after retiring his post as a U.S. Marshal, moved to New Orleans and became a sportswriter, covering boxing and dog racing, before continuing on that path in New York. Sebastiani likes that, despite the first impression, Masterson was ultimately as refined as this rye. (90 proof)


Past, 3 Badge BeveragePasote Blanco TequilaEstate-grown blue agave is sourced from the Jalisco Highlands in Mexico and handed off to third-generation master tequilero Felipe Camarena, who removes the succulent’s green hearts to eliminate any vegetal taste. Baked and crushed, it’s then fermented for several days with natural yeast before being double-distilled in copper pot stills. Clean and soft, it features flavors of lime rind with a touch of orange sweetness, though there’s no denying the subtle herbaceousness of the agave. Three Badge also makes a reposado, anejo, and extra-anejo tequila, the latter of which has not yet been released. (80 proof)

Uncle Val's, 3 Badge Beverage


Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin

Distilled five times, Uncle Val’s draws inspiration from gardening and Tuscan cuisine. The recipe combines juniper, of course, as well as cucumber, lemon, sage and lavender. It’s notably floral and bright, with a healthy, restrained sense of sweetness. The recipe is 3 Badge’s and its most popular gin. Each batch is fine tuned and numbered. (90 proof)