AMC Global partners with Drinkworks to test and launch the world’s first single-serve cocktail system, Home Bar

Joint venture of Anheuser-Busch InBev and Keurig uses custom market research firm’s proprietary pre-launch and in-market test & learn methods to ensure new product success


Blue Bell, PA – 09 September 2019 – AMC Global, an international custom market research firm specializing in launch strategies, teamed up with Drinkworks to provide comprehensive testing for its new product, Home Bar. A joint venture of Anheuser-Busch InBev and Keurig, Drinkworks has combined the expertise of these two companies into the development of a new-to-world system that brings pod-based adult beverages into the home. AMC Global utilized a “test and learn” model that could provide fast, accurate and actionable insights to advise the Home Bar product launch.

“We knew that we needed valuable – and fast – consumer insights at every stage of our test market strategy,” said Jessica Bolger, director of consumer insights at Drinkworks. “AMC Global’s creative and non-traditional approach, alongside their proprietary research tools, provided everything we needed to understand product performance in a test environment. With the methods they employed, we were able to incorporate audience feedback quickly so we could get to the launch stage with confidence.”

The approach taken by AMC Global and Drinkworks included more than 15 research studies, touching more than 6,000 prospective consumers. They used a lean research approach which included tactics that ranged from: awareness, usage and brand equity tracking in launch markets; in-the-moment mobile research and shop-alongs; small group feedback from early “beta” testers; and use of AMC Global’s proprietary ResponseCash® PFU™ (Purchaser Follow-Up) methodology. They rounded out the approach with both qualitative and quantitative research to boost launch confidence even further.

Drinkworks was able to quickly digest and implement key changes to the product during the testing stages and launch the product to a wider market earlier than expected. Drinkworks has already begun to see the benefits of their test and learn strategy. 

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Drinkworks and AMC Global presented this case study at ESOMAR Congress 2019 in Edinburgh. 


About AMC Global

AMC Global are the experts in product launch, with an innovative suite of tools that span the full product lifecycle. The company’s proprietary PFU™ (Purchaser Follow-up) tool, was developed early on to capture insights from real purchasers of new or restaged products immediately following launch. This solution set the stage for the development of numerous tools, some with exclusive patents, to help brands optimize products for launch and deeply understand purchaser and shopper perspectives. The AMC Global team prides itself on the fact that clients consider them true strategic partners, brought in to help their teams forward-think and stay on the cutting edge of analytics and insights. The company is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA.


About Drinkworks

Drinkworks™ is a beverage innovation company defining new ways to make it remarkably simple to have a variety of bar-quality drinks at home. The initial offering, Drinkworks Home Bar, is a first-of-its-kind drinkmaker designed to prepare cocktails, beers, ciders, and more using proprietary Drinkworks Pods at the touch of a button. Drinkworks is a joint venture between Keurig Dr. Pepper (Keurig) and Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev), and is headquartered in Bedford, MA with facilities in Williston, VT.


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