San Diego (September 19, 2019): Michael Michail, CEO of United Brands is once again shaking up the beverage industry with the launch of SWIRL Beverage Company, an invigorating new brand with a multi-tiered product line under the United Brands umbrella. SWIRL’s debut product is zero sugar and a low-carb, 8% ABV flavored malt beverage that is at the front of the trendline for consumers and retailers alike. Available in intriguing and exotic flavors that include Unicorn, and Salted Caramel, among others, SWIRL provides consumers with the uplifting experience they have been searching for.

The development and marketing teams at SWIRL have been quietly studying trends for the last two years, taking a hard look at what was resonating with consumers and what was lacking in the market. After concentrated research, two of the things that stood out to the SWIRL team were the shift away from added sugar in food and beverage products across all categories, as well as the lack of clear differentiation.

SWIRL shifts away from the current trend in the industry of relying on can graphics and endcap displays to grab consumer attention. United Brands developed a unique and proprietary blending process that allows SWIRL to be created in such a way that results in a low-carb, zero sugar beverage, with unique and vibrant flavor profiles that consumers are yearning for.

Rumors about the launch of SWIRL have been circulating since earlier this summer when Michail crisscrossed the country presenting the brand to a select group of distributors and explaining the rationale for his latest innovation. While the United Brands team was confident they were onto something, the tangible excitement of the few distributors they met with was beyond expectations. As news of SWIRL began leaking to distributors across the country, Michail and United knew they needed to fast-track SWIRL’s rollout to take advantage of the excitement.

Research by the International Food Information Council Foundation1 shows that 80% of consumers are trying to limit or avoid sugars, but it takes more than just a low calorie or carbohydrate count to create long-lasting affinity for a brand. With the current state of the category showing a lack of clear differentiation, Michail and his team identified a strong opportunity for an adult beverage brand that stood out by offering unique flavors and branding, coupled with a low-carb and zero sugar formula.

“I’m often asked why I haven’t brought a new FMB brand to market in the last couple of years. My answer has always been that a combination of timing, along with a perfect blend of innovation and differentiation, has been the perfect formula for success in this industry. I’m happy to break my silence and make it known that the time is now, and that blend is SWIRL!” commented Michail.

At launch, SWIRL’s product line will feature five uniquely flavored beverages, all available in the 24-ounce can Michail’s United Brands made popular in the flavored malt beverage category fifteen years ago.

The first widespread public debut of SWIRL will take place at the National Beer Wholesalers Association Annual Convention on September 22 in Las Vegas. SWIRL Beverage Company has already received authorization and interest from some of the largest national and regional chains in the country.

Distributor and retailer partners interested in being among the first to carry SWIRL can reach out to United Brands by calling 310-208-0212, or through the contact form on their website located at


1 International Food Information Council Foundation 2019 Food and Health Survey.

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