Brewers Supply Group (BSG) was started in 2004 to meet a need observed by its parent company, Rahr Corporation, which also owns Rahr Malting Co. In the early 2000s, the malt company was seeing heightened demand for its smaller malt pack sizes in the United States; BSG was created as a distribution arm not only for Rahr-brand malts around the world, but also pretty much anything that would go into making beer, including other malts, hops, yeasts, and more.

BSG Hops Facility

Over the years, BSG has diversified significantly, and it currently operates six divisions—BSG CraftBrewing, BSG Wine, BSG Distilling, BSG Hops, BSG HandCraft, and BSG Canada—catering to makers of craft beer, wine, spirits, cider, and other related products, as well as home fermentation retailers. BSG’s VP of Marketing Jake Keeler notes, “Our portfolio of ingredients is, in my opinion, unmatched to what’s available in the North American market.”

The company’s hops division includes a dedicated processing facility in Washington’s Yakima region as well as direct contracts with hop growers around the world. This lets BSG maintain full control over its supply chain, from bale receipt to shipping processed hops to their final location.

Rahr Malt

BSG is dedicated to providing high-quality products, as well as the customer service, logistics, and resources to back that experience up. From handouts and educational resources online to dedicated customer service teams and a network of a dozen distribution centers across the United States, BSG strives not just to sell its customers a product, “but actually work with them on how to use it, how to troubleshoot with it, and to help them solve any obstacles they might run into,” says Keeler.

“Whatever they may be making, we want to be able to serve those customers and meet them at their comfort level. We really try to base our operations, business model, and offerings on catering to everyone.”

BSG’s extensive product range has also positioned it well to support newly emergent drink trends such as hybridized beverages and hard seltzer. As customers are increasingly looking for engaging sensory experiences and beverage creativity, BSG is helping its clients address those emerging markets.