October 19; New York; NY: Broken Shed Vodka (www.brokenshed.com), a super-premium and award-winning vodka made in New Zealand, is honored to announce a month-long promotion with Help Our Military Heroes (HOMH: www.helpourmilitaryheroes.org) this November, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides assistance to active duty service members and veterans.

Founded in 2009, HOMH is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing assistance to active duty service members and veterans who require wheelchair accessible ramp-entry, modified minivans, vans and SUVs due to their wounds, injuries, and illnesses sustained while on active duty in the military.

“We consider it a privilege to be able to help our national heroes who serve(d) to protect our freedom,” says Jean-Marie Heins, Chief Marketing Officer of Broken Shed Vodka. “HOMH is a non-profit close to our hearts and we’re honored to help them raise funds for this important cause. Broken Shed Vodka is a small company with big plans and through this partnership with HOMH, we hope to make a difference in the lives of veterans that deserve our respect and appreciation for all that they do.”

The month-long promotion with Broken Shed Vodka and HOMH will work as follows:

  • For every purchase by a liquor retailer, both on-premise and off-premise, of a 9-liter case of Broken Shed Vodka during the month of November 2020, Broken Shed Vodka will donate $12.00 to HOMH. A prorated contribution will be made for partial cases sold.
  • 100% of the proceeds go toward HOMH’s program of purchasing and customizing vans for disabled vets across the country.
  • This promotion will be active in the following states: CT, RI, MA, NJ, DE, MD, WI, MO, KY, TN, MN, IL, CA, NV, CO, VT, NH, ME, MI, NC and MS.

“We share a strong passion and love for our country and have a desire to help the young men and women who have served in the military and are transitioning into civilian life with challenging injuries and painful rehabilitation,” says Co-founder and President, Laurie Hollander. “We’re grateful to Broken Shed Vodka in joining us in this mission to give back to our heroes who have served us all with such courage.”

For more information on Broken Shed Vodka and the promotion with HOMH, please contact Alisha Zaveri at azaveri@colangelopr.com or Natasha Jaramillio at njaramillo@colangelopr.com.

About Broken Shed Vodka:

Broken Shed Vodka is based in Wanaka, a small lake town in the mountains of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. The vodka blends two distinct water sources from New Zealand and is distilled three times from New Zealand whey, an environmentally friendly and sustainable use of the natural protein. Distilled, crafted and bottled in New Zealand, Broken Shed is naturally gluten-free, free of sugars, additives and GMO-free. The award-winning vodka was founded in 2009, launched in 2010 in New Zealand, and then launched in the U.S. in June 2012. Broken Shed Vodka is owned by Yes Whey LLC, a Delaware limited liability company. To learn more, please visit www.brokenshed.com.

About Help Our Military Heroes

HOMH is a registered 501(c)(3), non-profit organization dedicated to providing fully equipped, adaptive minivans to our country’s most severely wounded, injured, and ill service members who sustained their injuries while on active duty. HOMH is donation-driven; ALL non-program expenses are paid by its founding and board members, which means 100% of public donations go toward the purchase of modified minivans for our heroes. HOMH recognizes that every case is different and works with each individual to provide a minivan with modifications specific to his or her needs.

HOMH was founded in December of 2009, and is run and staffed solely by volunteers. Our Board of Directors  is composed of veterans, educators, philanthropists, and business executives who come together with one goal: to make life better for our wounded servicemen and women.

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