As federal lawmakers continue to escalate their partisan yelling matches and finger-pointing, alcohol beverage makers are hoping they can put aside those emotions—just for a quick minute—to vote on H.R.1175/S. 362, aka the Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act (CBMTRA). First enacted in January 2017, CBMTRA is set to expire December 31, 2019, unless voted into permanency.

On October 16, close to 2,000 individuals connected to the alcohol beverage industry (representing all 50 states) staged a “Day of Action,” calling members of Congress to urge passage of the bipartisan legislation. CBMTRA makes permanent the initial two-year reduction in federal excise taxes on wine, beer, hard cider, and distilled spirits.

The Beverage Alcohol Coalition that organized the event includes American Craft Spirits Association, Brewers Association, Beer Institute, Distilled Spirits Council, Wine Institute, WineAmerica, and U.S. Association of Cider Makers.

Hopefully by the time you read this, CBMTRA will be in the books. But if not, reach out to any of the mentioned organizations find out how you can help the efforts toward passage.