As part of its continuing legacy, C. Mondavi & Family announced recently that members of the fourth generation—known collectively as G4—have joined the company in various capacities.

Fourth-generation family members Alycia, Angelina, Giovanna, Lia, Lucio, and Riana Mondavi bring their natural interest, expertise, and training to different parts of the company, including business management, engineering, finance, marketing, sales, and winemaking. Their contributions also include serving as brand ambassadors and board members.

“CK Mondavi and Family wines are a tradition in our family for four generations,” said Riana Mondavi at the time of the announcement. “Passion has kept our family business going, and I can say for all of us in this next generation, we’re extremely humbled to carry on a wine legacy that was started by our great-grandparents so long ago. We’re also wholeheartedly committed to continuing the Mondavi family tradition for generations to come.”

Third-generation family members Marc Mondavi and Peter Mondavi, Jr., remain co-proprietors of the company, which has been family-owned for more than 75 years. The Mondavi family has been in succession planning for a number of years, and in June 2017 added members of this next generation to the company’s board of directors. At the same time, the Mondavis created a family council, for third- and fourth-generation family members to meet on a regular basis to discuss planning and strategy for the company.

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