OREGON CITY, Ore.—Nov. 2, 2020—Coin Toss Brewing has announced the upcoming release of Sweet Heat Repeat, a beer originally brewed by the now defunct Burnside Brewing Co. The second iteration of Burnside Brewing’s Sweet Heat will be released on Friday, Nov. 6, at the Oregon City brewery and taproom, located at 14214 Fir St.

Sweet Heat Repeat is an American-style wheat ale brewed with apricot puree then dry hopped with imported Jamaican Scotch Bonnet peppers. Reminiscent of a Caribbean chutney, Sweet Heat Repeat has a subtle tartness from the fruit, slight spiciness from the peppers, and a fruity aroma (4.9% ABV).
Coin Toss head brewer Chip Conlon, who formerly brewed this beer for Burnside Brewing, gathered together earlier this month with former Burnside Brewing brewmaster Jason McAdam and former Burnside director of sales Kristin White to collaborate on the reboot.
According to Conlon, “It was a blast getting together with some of the old team and re-creating a brew that many beer lovers still remember fondly. Plus, we get to introduce our customers at Coin Toss to a fun new beer that we know they’ll enjoy!”
Sweet Heat Repeat will be available on draft, in 16-ounce cans and in 32-ounce crowlers at the Coin Toss taproom. A limited number of kegs will be available to local bars and restaurants that fondly remember the beer and wish to serve it at their establishments.
About Coin Toss Brewing 
​Coin Toss Brewing offers a variety of signature brews available by the pint, crowler, growler, or keg. The company is committed to crafting the finest beers in honor of Beervana’s illustrious history. The Coin Toss moniker is a nod to the fateful event that determined the city of Portland’s name. Although pioneer Asa Lovejoy (from Boston, Mass.) may have lost the historic coin toss to Francis Pettygrove (of Portland, Maine), the brewery would like to reach back through the years and tell him: Heads or tails? It’s beer, you win! 



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