On March 2, I quit my job as a banker. I wanted to make liquor instead, so I went full time with Saltwater Woody. A few weeks later, coronavirus. The world shut down. How am I supposed to get this delightful American Rum, handcrafted in small batches and cut to proof with saltwater, then infused with REAL fruit juices, into the hands of our consumers?

My timing was impeccable.

But the world kept spinning, and we adapted. Before we ever sold a bottle, we were using our products to help our community stay safe during a global pandemic, creating sanitizers and distributing them to charities in our community.

Tasks that should have been easy, like production or finding a distributor, were suddenly incredibly difficult. After a few changes, we’re finally at the finish line.

Saltwater Woody is available in stores. A journey since 2018, with many highs and lows and unexpected bumps, but we are ready to share our creation with the world.

We are incredibly excited to tell you more about what brought us to this point and share more of our stories, like my boss’s reaction to hearing I’d be trading my suit and tie for a Hawaiian shirt.

We are here to deliver happiness, sunshine, and summer in a bottle, at a time when we most certainly need it. We’ve come a long way, and that is why we wanted to reach out to tell our story! We hope you can be along for a ride in the woody!

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