CraftStirs is pleased to announce the launch of its premium cocktail mixers, designed to deliver great tasting cocktails in seconds, no matter where you are. The nationwide roll out starts today at online retailers and off-premise locations in New York, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and more.

Born from a desire to innovate, while keeping true to authenticity and flavor, CraftStirs worked with top mixologists to create a line of powdered mixers designed to match cocktails sold behind the bar. CraftStirs cocktail mixers are made with all-natural ingredients like pure cane sugar and real fruit essences. Each sachet is only 50 calories.

You don’t need any expertise or several specialty ingredients.  CraftStirs cocktail mixers deliver delicious mixed drinks in three easy steps, and you can trust CraftStirs to create a delicious bartender-quality drink in seconds, each and every time with only water and the recommended, or your favorite, spirit.

“CraftStirs allows consumers to become the masters of their own mixology,” said Craig Hagood, CEO of parent company House-Autry Mills. Hagood added, “At its core, CraftStirs was created to meet the needs of changing consumer preferences.  Designed for home entertainers who want to serve sophisticated cocktails for their friends and family, CraftStirs can be enjoyed poolside, in the air, by a campfire, or wherever your imagination leads.”

Bursting with palate pleasing taste, the flavors of CraftStirs bring a unique experience to each drink:

Tropical Margarita

A grapefruit forward cocktail bursting with tart lemon and lime and finds a balance with earthy tequila and a lick of salt.

Melon Cooler

A summery blend of crisp cucumber, watermelon, and part citrus and sweet basil. Pair with your favorite vodka for an unforgettable cocktail.

Pomegranate Mojito

A spin off of one of Cuba’s classic cocktails showcasing fragrant mint, ruby pomegranate, juicy lime, and accompanied by rum, rum, rum.

Each pack of CraftStirs comes with 8 single-serve powdered cocktail mixers packaged in a convenient sachet at the standard retail price of $9.99. CraftStirs are distributed nationwide through online retailers and retail stores. For more information on availability and retailers, please visit

About CraftStirs
CraftStirs is ideal for cocktail-lovers looking for simple ways to make drinks without compromising taste or quality. Developed by one of the nation’s premier mixologists, CraftStirs is mixology made easy. Each pack of CraftStirs comes with 8 single-serving powdered cocktail mixes packaged in a convenient sachet at the standard retail price of $9.99. Made with all-natural ingredients and organic sugar, every serving of CraftStirs is only 50 calories. Its parent company, House-Autry Mills, is driven by its respect for heritage, unique flavorful products, and an intense focus on quality.  For more information, please visit

About House-Autry Mills

With a history dating back to 1812, House-Autry Mills is known for producing delicious food and beverage products for the entire family.  House-Autry offers a wide range of unique products for consumers to use at home, available in more than 30,000 food retailers nationwide. Its products are also served through food service distributors, restaurants and restaurant chains throughout the U.S.  Visit and shop with us at

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