Oregon-based nonprofit Craft Wine Association (CWA) is dedicated to supporting small-scale, independent wineries and the craft wine community. “Our mission is to connect craft wine producers with craft lovers through partnerships, education, and outreach,” said CWA founder Carole Lawson when the organization launched in February 2018.

Membership is open to wineries producing lots of 5,000 cases or fewer, making wine with grapes from identifiable vineyards, with the entire process overseen by a winemaker from start to finish.

By using the CWA logo on labels, wineries can signal to consumers their commitment to craft winemaking. “Certification is a significant differentiator in a complex and, often, confusing marketplace,” said inaugural CWA member Joseph Soggé (Soggé Wines).

The CWA website tells the stories of its winery members (including websites and points-of-purchase) and provides those members with collected data including market trends, buying behavior, and a growing list of support and supply companies.