• Estal presents Sommelier, a new and creative concept that reinvents the aesthetics of wine bottles

• The premium packaging solutions company will showcase its revolutionary design at the prestigious IQ 2019 in Napa, a one-of-a-kind forum that brings together the most innovative and avant-garde companies in the wine industry

21, May 2019. – Estal, the market leader in premium packaging, celebrates its 25th anniversary by presenting internationally its innovative bottle model Sommelier. The company will introduce, on 22 and 23 May at IQ 2019 in Napa, a groundbreaking concept that seeks to renew the aesthetics of traditional bottles. With its design, Estal surprises the market once again, reinforcing the quality of the wine.
The new model Sommelier reflects a minimalist ring profile that provides not only a simple and more fluid figure, but also generates real functional benefits for its consumer. Thanks to connecting the ring and the neck of the bottle with a small hollow groove in the glass, the premium packaging company has managed to make the traditional extra thickness formed by a counter ring or a flange disappear. In this way, they had built a quasi-continuous line from the shoulder radius to the top of the ring. What’s important, it does not modify the production conditions of the bottles for the glassmaker, but at the same time limit their carbon footprint.
The result of this innovation is a rejuvenated bottle that transmits a more dynamic and breaking image that is perceived to have a higher weight and a better-quality level. The format, available in both high and low versions, allows direct printing on almost all its height. Likewise, the model does not imply any change in the capping conditions of the traditional bottle as it continues to respect the Cetie standard with its rule’s requirement. Sommelier has already convinced prestigious vineyards like Chateau Margüi, located in Provence and owned by the popular Star Wars director, George Lucas.

Estal, with a presence in the United States since 2013 through to Global Package, will show its innovative project at the fifth edition of IQ 2019, the annual forum held in Napa. The Californian region, which represents 90% of U.S. wine production, will host this event that will bring together the world’s most avant-garde premium wineries and wine industry companies. Sommelier by Estal is the Gold Sponsor of the event and has a private lounge No 215 designed specifically to present its exclusive Sommelier. Furthermore, the enterprise’s commercial director, Jan Garcia, will perform two speeches “Sommelier, a real glass innovation” on May 23rd, to indulge the audience with more detailed insights of this premium novelty. The company’s design reaches the American continent after triumphing in Europe with the prestigious innovation award in the wine industry “Oscar de l’emballage 2018”.
About Estal
Estal was founded in 1995 as a food packaging distributor, but over the years it has made a commitment to differentiate itself by creating its own innovative products. As a result of this decision, Estal is now able to offer a wide variety of premium packaging solutions in the food, beverage, wine, distillery, cosmetics and health & care sectors. The company is characterized by its work in the personalization of packaging, thanks to which it creates special models. By basing its philosophy on prodesign and industrial excellence, Estal has been able to provide innovative solutions, thus differentiating itself from a competitive market and becoming leaders in terms of innovation and technology.

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