Midas Mead has become one of a handful of carbon negative companies and has been selected as one of three finalists for PMI’s prestigious Project Management for Social Good Award – Corporate Social Responsibility.
Midas Mead is the UK’s only Luxury and Bespoke Meadery specialising in exclusivity through small, high quality, public batches. Midas Mead also offer a unique, all encompassing, bespoke service tailored to any desire, thus making the already rare drink truly one of a kind.
Midas Mead’s nomination as a finalist was secured by their tree planting project. The reforestation that took place provides a safe haven for wildlife that have had their normal habitats destroyed by the overdevelopment and fast expansion of towns and cities. Not only does this help biodiversity of the local fauna but it has also meant that Midas Mead is a carbon sink, making it one of the few companies that produces less CO 2 than they capture each year.
The normal issues in tree planting and reforestation is the introduction of diseases, but Midas Mead avoided this by planting out their own saplings, grown on site, thus protecting the bio integrity of the local ecosystem.
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