Alchemy Distillery is proud to announce that three of their Whiskies have been awarded medals in a national spirits
competition. The American Distilling Institute (ADI) annual competition is the “oldest and largest competition dedicated to craft spirits.” In addition to be awarded a medal, each winning spirit is Certified Craft Distilled.
Under the brand name Boldt (a nod to the beautiful County in which these spirits are made; Humboldt) these three award winning whiskies are part of the Cereal Killer series. Each Whiskey features 100% of a single grain sourced locally as possible.
Boldt Rye Cereal Killer won a gold medal as well as the honor of being named Best in Category. As stated by ADI, the
“Best of Category designation will be awarded to a spirit the judges identified as the best example of that category entered into the entire competition.” Boldt Rye Cereal Killer is 2019s Best Craft Rye! The Rye varietal in this Whiskey is AGS-104. It was grown in Redcrest, CA just 35 miles from Alchemy Distillery along the world famous Avenue of the Giants(redwoods). The famer is John LaBoyteaux.
Boldt Triticale Cereal Killer won a silver medal. Triticale is a hybrid of wheat and rye. This Triticale was grown in
Kelseyville/Lake County, CA 190 miles from Alchemy Distillery. The farmer is Teale Love of Love Farm.
Boldt Wheat Cereal Killer won a silver medal. This hard red wheat varietal is named Hollis and was grown in Honeydew, CA 80 miles from Alchemy Distillery. The farmers are Lisa and Laurence Hindley of Hindley Ranch. This Hollis wheat varietal is also the featured ingredient in Alchemy Distillery’s award winning Boldt Genever style Gin. This Gin won a Good Food Award in 2018 as well as Double Gold at the Sip Awards. Boldt Genever style Gin also won ADI’s silver medal in 2017.
Alchemy Distillery is Arcata California’s first and only craft distillery. Their goal is to procure and mill local grains,
producing the freshest spirits possible. Alchemy’s focus is small batch spirits made exclusively on American-Made
Alchemy Distillery is owned by husband and wife team Amy and Steve Bohner. Community members may recognize the
Bohners from their first business- Alchemy Construction- awarded the North Coast Journal’s “Best Construction
Company” 4 years in a row. Their construction projects include Café Brio, The Arcata Alibi, Dead Reckoning Tavern,
Arcata Scoop, Campground Restaurant and a plethora of custom residential projects. Sharing a love of craft spirits and
small business, these entrepreneurs started pursuing their dreams of a distillery in 2010. After building their distillery
from the ground up, their first spirit Boldt Clear Whiskey hit shelves in March 2016 and sold out in one day.
In addition to Clear Whiskey, their award winning Genever style Gin and Cereal Killer Whiskies can be found in local
stores, restaurants and bars thanks to Humboldt Beer Distributors- a family owned and operated company since 1974.
California retailers outside of Humboldt County can carry Boldt Spirits by contacting Oregon retailers can
contact Vinum Importing and Distribution.
Alchemy Distillery’s next debuted spirit will be Boldt Straight Bourbon, available April 2019. This will be Humboldt
County’s first Bourbon!
Future spirits include Boldt Absinthe and a series of “Bottled in Bond” spirits (American made spirits that follow a strict set of guidelines according to the governments Standards of Identity as well as the Bottled-in-Bond act of 1897).
Alchemy Distillery is currently open to the public the second Friday of each month for Arts Arcatafrom 6-9 PM. Their
location is 330 South G Street just across from the Arcata Marsh parking lot. More hours and tours to be added summer 2019.

For more information about Alchemy Distillery visit Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

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