Charleston is one of the south’s great treasures and Firefly Distillery looks to add another gem with its new distillery opening spring 2020. Set to become South Carolina’s largest distillery, crews installed two stills just before Thanksgiving.

The 500-gallon Vendome still will be the largest operated by Firefly since its inception in 2006, and a second smaller 50-gallon still will allow for experimental and small-batch runs. In addition, Firefly will produce its first batch of bourbon on leap day, Feb. 29, 2020.

Southern socializers at heart, Firefly’s new home will also offer ample space to entertain. With about 25,000 square feet on 2 acres, the distillery will offer an idyllic lowcountry venue in North Charleston, surrounded by oak trees and filled with southern charm.

With tours planned for Monday-Saturday, guests will be able to learn about the distillation process and sample Firefly’s award-winning products. But where the distillery hopes to shine is special events, with big plans for hosting concerts on the lawn. An additional space is designed to host multiple food trucks and houses an outdoor bar, perfect for those events.

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