Aug. 5, 2020 – With beverage companies competing for valuable floor space, Fishers Island Lemonade recently teamed with The Alison Group to help bring a little of those “feel-good” beach vibes indoors and create a series of beach-themed custom wood displays.
The lemonade stand case stacker display is particularly unique in that it is engineered to function as a real lemonade stand. FIL wanted a display that not only would work as a regular case stacker for the popular spiked lemonade but also be versatile and double as a table and countertop for demonstrations, tastings and/or special functions.
The floor displays are made of dock pilings and planks and decorated with boating ropes distressed to resemble the weathering of the ocean. The canned cocktail maker’s vibrant yellow and blue nautical-themed logos adorn the posts. The displays are permanent fixtures paired with FIL’s customized pennant strings, burgee flags, beach umbrellas and sling chairs to create the complete beach experience on the sales floor…minus the sand and sunburn.
“Brands need to set themselves apart in the limited retail floor,” Tony Azar, of The Alison Group said. “If you can combine functionality and aesthetics, you give your brand a long lasting presence on the sales floor.”
The eye-catching displays can be found in retailers throughout seven states in the northeastern U.S., but the brand recently also expanded to Georgia and Colorado, according published reports.
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