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Breakthrough new US event on how new technology can help transform the wine industry
World’s first technology and wine event will bring
Silicon Valley into the heart of California wine country in May 12-13, 2020.

Future Wine Expo is a new, breakthrough trade show that will bring together the most innovative, dynamic and disruptive technology companies with some of the most influential and leading players in the global wine industry.

As the wine industry tries to keep up with arguably the fastest moving and challenging times in its history, Future Wine Expo provides a new platform to see how advances in technology can help wine companies not only tackle those issues, but discover new opportunities and ways to grow profits and revenues.

“This is one of the most exciting events that we’ve ever organized for the wine industry,” said Sid Patel, founder and chief executive of Beverage Trade Network, the organizer of the Future Wine Expo. “For anyone looking to build a technology strategy for their wine business by leveraging cutting-edge technological platforms, this is the place to be in May 2020.”

Very often wine businesses will know they need state-of-the-art, cutting edge and disruptive technologies to help them, but they don’t know where to go and what new technology is most suitable and relevant for their needs.

That’s what Future Wine Expo hopes to fix. Helping wine businesses, both big and small, discover and implement the right technology that is going to transform and re-imagine the future of wine.

Future Wine Expo will include


A conference and workshop programme that will provide a platform for technology and wine companies to hear new ideas, offer different solutions and share their experiences through a series of talks, conference sessions, masterclasses and practical workshops.


A trade exhibition where technology businesses can present, explain and demonstrate their different technology solutions for the wine sector.

Future Wine Pitch

The show will also give 12 technology companies the chance to present a 10 minute pitch about what they do, and what difference they think they can make to the wine industry in a special “Future Wine Pitch” session. It will be then up to an audience, made of some of the sector’s key decision makers and budget holders, to decide which, if any, of the new ideas presented to them they want to introduce to their business.

Competitive edge

Up to now the main skills a wine professional has needed have centred more around wine education and knowledge. Not any more. To get ahead now, you also need to be on top of the key disruptive changes in technology and what potential impact they can have, or are already having, in wine.

That is what Future Wine Expo is all about. Giving delegates a competitive advantage over their peers. The opportunity to hear first hand about the most relevant technologies they need to know about for the wine industry.

Who is it for

Future Wine Expo is aimed at senior wine trade executives capable of making the hard, and big buying decisions for their businesses. It is designed for wine industry professionals from all sectors including production, supply chain, buying, marketing and selling. Producers to importers distributors to wholesalers, merchants to supermarkets, restaurants to bars.
Technology subjects to be covered at Future Wine Expo

Future Wine Expo will focus on the key technology areas that are most likely to have the biggest impact on the wine industry.

● Augmented reality
● Virtual reality
● Artificial intelligence (AI)
● Amazon web services
● Chatbot and voice recognition
● Robotics and automation
● Future distribution systems
● Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) innovations
● Mobile apps for online sites
● Marketing technology (including social media and location services)
● GDPR and privacy issues related to technology


The event is being organized by Beverage Trade Network, which hosts conferences and exhibitions for the wine industry around the world including breakthrough events in San Francisco, New York City, London and Shanghai.


When and Where
The event will run May 12-13, 2020 at Sonoma County Event Center, 1350 Bennett Valley Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95402.

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